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Hey y'all, I'm Maria. The ever changing author of this blog. I'm 23 (currently), and I grew up splitting my time between Baton Rouge & New Orleans, but I now call Orlando, Florida my home. I did the Disney College Program in both Walt Disney World & Disneyland Resort. 

I grew up loving dressing up, laughing, summer (and hating winter), and being surrounded by family. Quite honestly, not  much has changed. Love summer, hate winter. Family means the world to me, and themed parties are the greatest.

I graduated from LSU with two degrees (History & Anthropology), and two minors (Linguistics & Italian). To say I like to read would be an understatement. I hope to go to graduate school, eventually, but for now, we'll see what the future holds. 

I was in a sorority in college, which furthered my need to dress up, and taught me the most about myself. I spent six weeks in Italy, and fell in love. Not only with the country, but with traveling, photography, and myself. I'll move it back there one day. 

This blog, this little space of mine, is just for me. It started out (originally back in 2008, but it's changed domains and names since) as a way to stay in touch with family, for them to see my likes and interests as I changed from high school to college, but I've picked up a few others since then. 

Or, if you have any questions: email me here!

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