My Forever First Meal in California: In-N-Out

I decided to go to California in early February right after our traveling blackout was lifted from work. After a crazy end to the busy easy season, it was a much needed vacation. I flew in on Virgin America, which was actually not too bad this time around. It was a packed flight, as it usually is flying MCO to LAX, but I didn't find it to be too bad. Getting out the plane was the hardest part. When I fly Virgin I usually only pack a carry on bag, which was a challenge because I am hands down the worst packer known to man. 

I was flying to California (into LAX specifically) when the protests of the Immigrant Ban were happening. I wasn't quite sure what this meant for me or for my friend M coming get me, but it had actually cooled off a lot by the time I got there. I didn't actually see any protestors when I flew in late on a Wednesday night, however when M was trying to come get me she saw them in Terminal 1, coming toward me in Terminal 3. She was able to pick me up really easily (after she got through the horrendous traffic) and we were Anaheim bound. 

My first request, even after having been awake for 18 hours at this point, was for In-n-Out. There's a long standing tradition that I have (for almost two years now) that every time I go back to California, my first meal is In-N-Out. M was more than happy to oblige me so we stopped by one on the way to her house. We got to sit and chat and just act like it was old times. Personally I always get the double double. I eat pretty much the entire burger, and about four fries and I'm good. If you ever want a really good chocolate shake, they have a bomb one. All in all my first meal in California was the best, plus then I got to go home and snuggle my best friend and be loved on by her family. 

My trip back to California begins here
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