Living Life in the Mountains: Mount Baldy & Mountain High

The final thing that I did when I was in California was go to the mountains. For someone who grew up at/below sea level (and has continued to live at/below sea level), the mountains are fascinating to me. I've always wanted to learn how to snowboard, much to my family's dismay (I'm very accident prone). So two of my best friends (A & M) took me to the mountains to do just that. 

The only thing? Mother Nature didn't want to cooperate with us. We knew that the weather was crap on the ground, but we decided to go to the mountains anyways, hoping for the best. Unfortunately we got the worst. We knew that Mt. Baldy was closed so we decided to head up to Mountain High instead. The entire way there, I was in awe of everything. It was rainy, then we went through a desert portion, and finally we got to the snow. That is what I love about California. So many different weather conditions in one small area. 

When we got to Mountain High, we all got out the car and it was rainy/sleety and cold. We didn't think it would be too bad...until we got up to the lifts. The wind was so bad I was being pushed over...we mulled it over and decided (after the lady at the window told us to go home) to turn back and go play in the snow somewhere else. It was super disappointing, but there wasn't really anything that we could do about it. 

We ended up deciding to go to Mt. Baldy because the weather was crap at Mt. High so we figured it may be a bit better there. We ate at Mt. Baldy Lodge which is the cutest little diner at the bottom of the mountain. Because of the crappy weather earlier, the restaurant was absolutely dead. The coffee was amazing and the food was great. Plus, I couldn't beat the company. While A & M have been friends for a while, recently they've become even better friends. I couldn't imagine not having them in my life. 

After we ate lunch, we ended up going up and playing in the snow for an hour or so. It was absolutely insane and so much fun. I have never felt more out of shape in my entire life - though I didn't realize that altitude was a thing I had to account for. We used our arms to pull ourselves out of steep inclines because the snow was over our knees in some places (I'm about 5'7"). We climbed up the mountain a couple of times and slid back down. It's the most fun I've had in quite some time.  

While I don't know where I'll end up next, I hope it's somewhere near the mountains (and beach...and desert).

My trip back to California begins here, we get the best first meal ever, I forgot to take pictures (per usual), I got really bitter about how California has three Canes, we got really toasty at The Cove Bar, and had a blast at Six Flags
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