I'm Bitter About California: They Have Canes

One of the things that I'm most bitter about leaving California is the fact that they have THREE Raising Canes locations in Southern California near where my friends/I used to live. THREE LOCATIONS. How many do they have in Florida near where I live? NONE. Fun Fact: the closest one they have to where I live is in Mobile, Alabama. That is about 7 hours away from me. Cane's was founded on my college's campus, LSU, where they serve chicken. Yes, that's right just chicken. 

Cane's has been my guilty pleasure for forever. Now, I know people say that Zaxby's or Popeye's or KFC are pretty much similar. Wrong. There's seriously nothing that I've found like Cane's. One of my favorite things is the fact that all locations feel the same. They're decorated differently, with the memorabilia from the different surrounding local teams. The food tastes the same & the sweet tea is just as sweet. 

Whenever I go back to California, I have to eat here at least once if not more than that. This trip, I got very lucky and we ended up going twice. Once for lunch on Thursday before heading to nannying and the second time right before I got on the plane. Sharing a little bit of my hometown food with the people I love in a place that feels like home is one of the greatest things. Almost all of my friends back in California are obsessed with Canes so it feels like I did something amazing for them. 

My trip back to California begins here, we get the best first meal ever, then I forgot to take pictures (per usual)
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