Going Back to California

I used to go to California on a schedule - every four months - to visit my ex-boyfriend. However, after we broke up I realized that when I went back, it wouldn't be to spend time with him but to spend a lot more time with friends. Plus, I wouldn't be going back on a four month schedule anymore...I would have to decide when I wanted to visit. Don't get me wrong, I saw friends when I was there but it was mainly to see him. 

To be quite honest, the idea of going back terrified me. Although I had a life in California before C, it's weird going back to a place that you spent so much time with one person. I was nervous & terrified to go back, but most of all I was excited. Going back, I went to spend a week with my best friend M. She's the kindest and realest person you will ever meet. Her family welcomed me with open arms & I am so grateful for that. 

I spent five whole days there (a Wednesday night - Tuesday afternoon trip) and we did so much. Every minute was filled to the brim with people that I adore & memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. In the short time I was there I ate more comfort food than I have in the past month, went to Disneyland, Six Flags, watched the Super Bowl with some amazing people, and attempted to go snowboarding. There will be more in depth posts about each thing because one post here just wouldn't do it justice.

California means the world to me. It's the one place I keep going back to time after time, wondering why I never gave it more of my time. Each time I go back, I'm greeted with love, and surrounded by laughter. Not only the people, but also the landscape awes me time after time. While I'm not quite sure (right now) where I'll end up in August, I know that California is definitely a possibility. 
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