Disney's Cove Bar: Worth Every Penny

One thing that California has that Orlando doesn't is Disney's California Adventure & The Cove Bar. Florida also doesn't have my best friends, so there's that too? One of my favorite things to do whenever I come back for a quick trip is to go to Disneyland & California Adventure. Most times we'll get to California Adventure around 11 when Cove Bar opens so we can all sit around, have a couple drinks, and eat some good food. 

This time, we grabbed a quick margarita at the margarita stand on their pier, then went to head in line. Because it had been raining that day, they were only opening a little bit of their restaurant so it was a little bit more of a wait than normal. The last time we went we got Fun Wheels & Lobster Nachos and while it was good, it wasn't anything that I really wanted to get again. This time? Earthquakes & Wings and oh my goodness was it good. 

After sitting for a few hours & talking we decided to go meet a friend who had just gotten off of work in the Pier area. Because there was a festival going on at this time for the Lunar New Year we decided to get a couple more beers and just hang out a little bit. Because it was a weird misty day, the parks weren't too crowded. We rode Screamin', Heimleich's Choo Choo Train, and Maters Junkyard Jamboree before heading over to Disneyland. 

In Disneyland it was getting cold, rainy and a little more crowded (and we were getting exhausted) so we went to ride Autopia & Space Mountain, then got some food and headed out. It was such a good day and so worth every penny spent. 

My trip back to California begins here, we get the best first meal ever, I forgot to take pictures (per usual), then I got really bitter about how California has three Canes
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