California Without Pictures: Coronas & Ceviche and Super Bowl Sunday

There's a lot of things that I did in California that I don't have pictures of (which sounds way dirtier than it actually is haha). There are two days that I loved more than anything that I didn't actually take pictures of: Coronas & Ceviche and Super Bowl Sunday. 

On Thursday, after helping nanny for a little bit we had Coronas & Ceviche night at one of my good friend's apartments. We all sat around drinking corona's & eating ceviche (which I'd ever had before) and just talking and laughing. We were going to watch The Road to El Dorado but we all couldn't stop laughing and talking instead. We ended up listening to the Moana soundtrack and dancing around the room. It was such a good time. After, M & I were going home and had a fun jam session in the car. It reminded me so much of when I used to live in CA.

Friday we went to Disney & Saturday we did Six Flags -- they both deserve their own posts because oh my goodness it was crazy. 

Sunday however, was Super Bowl Sunday and oh my goodness was it a good day. It's probably best that there are no pictures from that day considering just how much we drank that day. M's dad laughed because every time someone or a couple walked into the house they came carrying a case of beer. At least we all know how to have a good time? I probably spent the majority of the game outside playing Flip Cup, Beer Pong, and all other kinds of crazy drinking games with the majority of people there. We laughed and had a good time, until the carne asada tacos ran out. Then it got serious as we all had the munchies so we ordered pizza. Best decision by us, hands down. Spending Super Bowl Sunday at M's house surrounded by friends - probably the best Super Bowl I've had in a long time.

My trip back to California begins here, then we get the best first meal ever
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