The Parks of Chicago: Lincoln Park Zoo & Oz Park

After walking for what seemed like hours, we grabbed our stuff from S's work and then got on the bus to head to her apartment. S lives about four blocks from Wrigley Field, it's insane. You can literally see the field from her window. She's so nonchalant about it and I'm over here freaking out. The first day we were there after heading back to her apartment, we ended up playing cards until about 4am...only for me to wake up the next morning around 8am ready to go. What can I say I was SO excited. 

The second day we were in Chicago we spent a lot more time walking around during the day. I was determined that we would go and see Lincoln Park Zoo so that we could see Alexander Camelton, their new camel [who ended up not even being outside - so disappointed]. Lincoln Park Zoo is a free 35 acre zoo located in Lincoln Park in Chicago. If you have the free time, it's definitely worth a walk through. They have a lot of animals there for it being free, but one of the coolest things they have is a show with their seals. Luckily we walked upon it just as it was beginning and we actually stayed for the entire show. It's crazy to me that you can just walk around this free zoo in the middle of downtown Chicago. 

Not too far from Lincoln Park Zoo is a smaller park called Oz Park. It's about a mile away so you can walk from one to the other, if you want. Oz Park is in the North Side of Chicago and has many different statues from The Wizard of Oz in it. The park allows animals, which was fun for us because we got to see a lot of dogs walking around. The park is relatively big so if you have spent the entire day walking, like we had, you walk half of it and then decide you want to take public transportation back to the apartment to prepare for the night. 

That night was the final game of the NLCS for the Cubs at Wrigley, so needless to say that needs to get its own post because boy was it a night. 

To read about my adventure in Chicago started, you should start here, but it continues when we land which is quite a doozy in itself, and then goes on a with a walking tour to see Millennium Park & Navy Pier
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