The Day the Cubs Won the NLCS

One of the coolest memories that I have is the night the Cubs won the NLCS game. Funnily enough, my ex and I had joked around about the series before we had broken up. I bet that there would totally be a game 7 (wishful thinking) solely because I was going to be in Chicago for it. I would just like to point out here that I was totally right, but not for the reasons I had originally argued. There is absolutely nothing that can compare to that night, especially for a newly minted baseball fan like myself. 

After a long morning/afternoon of walking, we decided to head back to S's apartment for a little bit before going out later that night for the game. It was a good thing we did too because we were all exhausted. After recharging our phones and refueling a little bit, we decided to go walk down to Wrigley to see what was going on/how the bars were. Some bars were charging $100 just to get in - not guaranteeing you would get a seat. That was insane to me, but baseball is a huge thing in Chicago that is taken very seriously. 

We walked through just to see the craziness of the crowd, and to buy a hat (M & I's request for them getting into the championship), then we bolted because it was insane. I am all about being there and being in the moment, but also being claustrophobic did not help at all. We headed to a bar about a mile away from Wrigley to meet up with some of S's work friends. We got there and the bar was slammed. Luckily enough, we were able to find a couple bar stools to pull up to their table.

I cannot even describe the feeling of watching the cubs play in game 7, in a bar, in Chicago, surrounded by cubs fans. It was honestly surreal. As the game began to come to a close we all closed out our bills to be safe. As soon as they won we all charged out the bar, with everyone else in there, and ran down to Wrigley. Holding onto each others hand's & purses we went with the crowd. By the time we got there everyone was filing out of the field & into the streets. It was the most joyous scene. We sang Go Cubs Go & gave high fives. It was only when someone lit fireworks into the crowd that we decided we liked our lives a little too much & headed home. 

I cannot even begin to describe the feeling & I'm not sure I'll ever be able to have it to compare it to. I am so grateful for S's hospitality & letting us come and take over that weekend.
To read about my adventure in Chicago started, you should start here, but it continues when we land which is quite a doozy in itself, goes on a with a walking tour to see Millennium Park & Navy Pier, then continues with a trip to Lincoln Park Zoo & Oz Park
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