My First Trip to Chicago: October 2016

Every now and then you can be guaranteed to find a pretty good deal on flights at Southwest's website. Back in August of last year, my roommate (M) and I were joking we needed to go visit our old roommate (S) in Chicago. I decided to take a little look at the website and sure enough there was a round trip flight for $160 per person from MCO-MDW. Since neither M nor I had been to Chicago and we'd been talking about visiting S forever, we jumped on the chance. 

Flash forward to October. I just gotten out of a relationship then a week and a half later our Chicago trip popped up. At first I was kind of dreading it, I mean I stayed in bed for four days without moving essentially the week before, did I really want to go to Chicago right now? Thankfully M & S didn't really give me an option, and I am so thankful for that. Spending a weekend exploring a new city with two of my best friends is just what I needed to help me through a rough patch. 

M and I were only there for about 48 hours - we flew in on Friday morning & out on Sunday evening. It was just the right amount of time for a break, but not long enough to actually feel like we took a vacation. In those 48 hours (during the winter so it got dark super early) we did SO much. We went to Shedd Aquarium, Oz Park, Lincoln Park Zoo, Millennium Park, The Bean, and saw the Cubs win the final game to go to the World Series. We walked all around Chicago and saw The Field Museum, and Soldier Field. Plus S (roommate we went see) lives four blocks from Wrigley so we could see Wrigley out of her apartment window. 

We did so much that shoving it all into one blog post wouldn't really do it the justice it deserves. I'm going to break it up into the different days/trips that we made to give it the space it deserves. 
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