I Have No Sense of Direction & Can't Read a Map: Chicago Edition

If you ask anyone in my family, or any of my close friends, they'll all tell you the same thing: I cannot read a map and I am TERRIBLE at traditional directions. Now, keep this in mind & add in a city I've never been to and didn't think to look at a map ahead of time. M & I were going to take the metro into the city from the airport & drop our bags off at S's work so we could explore until S could get out of her meeting.

Our old roommate S [aka a literal saint] had sent us a Metro card ahead of time that was linked to her account so we didn't have to worry about buying one, which was incredibly nice of her. So, we put on google maps & followed S's directions as best as we could. We got off at the proper Metro stop, but that's about where our "following directions well" ended. We ended up going the wrong way down the street so what should have been a two block walk ended up being about a 30-35 block walk. We walked a good 9-10 blocks in the wrong direction before we realized we had done. In the end, we found S & her building and then laughed it off. We dropped our bags and headed out (in the opposite direction) to explore a little bit more.

S's meeting only took about another hour after we were done so we just wandered around popping into a few different stores. One of the first things that we wanted to do (me, mainly) when we got to Chicago was get true Chicago deep dish pizza. For this, according to S we HAD to head to Giordano's. Luckily, there was one right around the corner because we were starving. We only had a little bit of a wait, which was awesome because it was lunchtime on a Friday. While the pizza was really, really good deep dish isn't my favorite type of pizza. I'm more of a thin crust kind of girl. 

After eating, we dropped off our leftovers & then went to explore the city a little bit more. There's seriously SO much to see in downtown Chicago. S showed us the underground tunnels (that are probably lifesavers in the winter time) between the buildings, and up and down the area. I swear you could probably walk for hours and still not see everything. 

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