2017: The Year of Hope & Travel

The word of the year (for me) for 2017 is Hope. Hope for a new beginning, hope for a future, hoping that I'll figure out what it is I want in life and hope that I can figure out what I want to do. With hope, comes travel. Because I'm not sure what/where 2017 is going to bring me (maybe I move back home, maybe I get into graduate school, maybe I move to a new place, or maybe I move back to California). I've already got a few trips planned out, and am looking into a few others as of right now. As of this moment, I know where I'm going to be until August 9th, 2017. That's when my lease runs out (which at this moment is a terrifying thought). 

January: I'm blacked out from taking time off of work since it's our busy season (shoutout to tax season) so instead of going anywhere, I've actually got friends coming in town. I've got three or four set of friends who I know for sure will be here on Disney vacation, so I'll be able to pop by and see them while they're here and use my pass a little more before it expires in March. 

February: In early February I'll be going to California for a week. This is to visit with friends (and their families) and see how I really feel about California on my own. We'll be going to the mountains, and the beaches, as well as some theme parks and all the best food sources. 

March: I'll actually be spending a weekend in New York City in early March. I'll be going to visit a friend, but also to check out the schools that I applied in that area to see how I feel about them. I'm excited and nervous because by this point there's a slight chance I'll know where I'll be going, but it's also not definite. Plus, it may still be snowing at this point and I've never seen snow.

April: I'll be going back to California in late April for about 10 days. It's a mixture of a road trip and a final testing to see how I feel about it. California's the backup to Graduate School (if I enjoy it) which is terrifying because oh my god decisions, but at the same time it's exciting. We'll be going to the different baseball stadiums to cross them off my list and a couple other places so that I can see. I'm most stoked about San Fransisco. When Christian and I were dating, we always talked about going but never had the time. So for almost two years now I've been dying to go to San Fransisco, and now I finally have the chance. 

May: The very first weekend I'll be going to Chicago to see the Cubs play. It's a last minute trip that I'm so excited to take. Then my little sister graduates from college (!!!!!!) so I'll be flying home to see her graduate. It just so happens to fall on Mother's Day weekend, so I'll be able to spend a little bit of time with my mom too while I'm there. I'm also hoping that this is when my family will decide to do my sisters graduation trip so that I'll be able to spend a little time with them here as well. 

June: This is where the for certain planning kind of stops. In June I'm hoping that I'll be making a weekend trip up to Chicago to see my friend Sarah & to see the Cubbies play in Wrigley. Then toward the end of June I have a friend coming in town to go to a Tampa Bay Ray's game (to cross off of her list), and a Miami Marlins game (to cross off both our lists). 

July: I'm thinking that toward the end of July is when my family will go on a family vacation. So hopefully we'll still spend one week at the beach in upstate Florida. By this point I'll for sure know where I'll be ending up (terrifying) so this could be one last hurrah before I either move to go to graduate school or move to California.

August: Here ends my adventure - I'll be moving that's for certain, but at this point I'm not sure where. My options are either up the East Coast for graduate school or back to the West Coast to see if I can really do it.

August through December are completely up in the air, but hopefully I'll know more soon. 
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