My Sweet Dixie

This past year has been a rough one for me, but one of the bright spots in my year was adopting my sweet kitten Dixie. She turned five months old on Christmas Day and let me just tell you has it been an experience. 

Back in March, after I had gotten my new job, I adopted two little black kittens named Buffy and Binx. They were litter mates and they both had FIP. FIP is a terrible, terrible disease that attacks the nervous system of kittens from 3 months to 9 months. I would never wish FIP on anybody ever. I spent a lot of time and money to keep them alive and healthy, however they both succumbed to FIP. 

I thought long and hard about adopting another cat, never less a kitten, for fear of FIP happening again. However a month after putting Binxy down, I decided it was time. I went to California in September, and the day I got back I went to the ASPCA near my work to go look at kittens. I was just going to look but then I fell in love with a little kitten named Felicity (now, Dixie). She was teeny tiny, spastic, and all over the place. She wasn't very vocal (and still isn't), and was very hyper. She was the perfect kitten. 

I spoke to the woman at the front desk and she gave me some paperwork to fill out. She let me know that the kittens usually tend to go pretty quickly, so if I did really want to adopt her I needed to come back at the end of the day (I had gone on my lunch break) to pick her up. I freaked out, went back to work, filled out the adoption paperwork, texted my roommate to make sure she was okay with it, and then at the end of the day went back and picked Dixie up. 

The entire ride home she didn't make a peep. I wasn't really prepared for her because I had thrown most of the kitty stuff out when Buffy and Binxy passed, so the entire ride home I was freaking out. I didn't even have a litter box. Once we got home I got her all situated in my bathroom then I sped to the store and picked up all the kitty essentials. 

I've had Dixie for almost three months now, and it's definitely been an interesting experience. With Buffy and Binxy, since they were always sick they never had a crazy amount of energy. However, Dixie is the exact opposite. She wakes me up every morning by 7am if I'm not already awake, and ensures that we play for at least an hour a day, though most the times it's more. She's not quite a snuggly kitten, but will come up and snuggle you when she wants to. I got her at the perfect time because not too long after getting her, my previous relationship ended. During that time, having my sweet Dixie kitten to cuddle with made all the difference. Having a kitten is a challenging experience to say the least, but I wouldn't trade it for the entire world. 
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