Going to Grad School: The Essay Portion

I think that of all the portions of my graduate school application, the essay portion (where you upload a previous essay that you've already written as long as it's under 30 pages) was possibly the most time consuming aspect of the application for me. I had previously written a 25 page paper my junior year of college on the novel 1984 and the theatrical adaptation compared to what was going on in the world during that time period. This was the essay that I used, however since I had written it about six years ago it needed to be edited a little bit more. 

I would definitely suggest, regardless of the paper that you're going to use, going through and really reading it closely and making edits. When you are submitting a paper for school, nine times out of ten (if you're a normal college student) you're working on a time crunch and have 2304328235 other things to do at the same time. At this point, you may not have as much to do so giving it another read through and making edits is probably a good idea. 

Personally, I had to make a ton of edits to the paper I had written. Thankfully though, I had an amazing group of friends (two in particular who put in SO much work) who ensured that the paper would be the best paper that I could write. I was very lucky in the sense that I had already written a paper that portrays what I would like to study further in graduate school. I would say that if you don't have a paper that shows exactly what you would like to go into, you should find one that you've already written that at least somewhat shows the direction you would like to go into.  

If you’re interested in graduate school and are unsure where to start, I’ve done a couple of posts describing my experience with the application and the process. You can check out these posts if you are thinking about if you want to go to graduate school, need to know how to find a graduate school once you decide to apply to graduate school, how I wrote my resume for grad schoolwant to know what the application looks likeabout the GRE, asking for letters of recommendation, or have a question about the statement of purpose.

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