We Went to the Beach-each!

Every year in July my dad's side of the family goes on a beach trip to Fort Walton, Florida. It's one of the things I most look forward to in a year - besides October-January (because holidays, duh). I get to spend a week, without electronics or phone calls or media or anything else and just spend time with my family. It also serves as the time that my dad buys my little sister & I clothes for the coming months for our birthdays (we're about two weeks apart). 

We all go for walks on the beach, pretty much every night, and look for sand crabs. We cook together, eat out together, play in the waves together, and drink together. We play card games all the time, and 'the cousins' get so loud that my dad has to shush us on a regular basis. My family is close, and it's grown over the years. This year, we rented three condos to make sure everyone had a bed to sleep in. My sister and I brought our boyfriends, and they hit it off immediately. 

Normally, if I'm coming from Louisiana it only takes about four hours to get there, but since I was coming from south/central Florida it took us about seven hours. The drive there was rough - it literally rained the entire way there and I wouldn't let Christian drive because it made me nervous. We stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast (a promise to Christian since they don't have them in California), but that was the only stop we really made. We made really good time and were able to catch lunch with my family at a nearby Wataburger (which Christian had never had) before heading to the condo. 

The plan for the beach, usually, is wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, spend some time on the beach, then come up for lunch for about an hour, then head back down to the beach until sunset, bring everything back up, and then have dinner/get ready to go to dinner, meet at the big condo and play cards/games for a few hours before going to bed and waking up to do it all again. One morning someone cooks a big breakfast (this year it was Bubba), and we all eat together. We also spend one day, usually a Wednesday, off the beach and shopping to stay out of the sun. 

I'm pale as all get out, but my family pretty much tans if they even look at the sun. We set up three tents, two of our umbrellas, and three umbrellas from the condo. Needless to say if I wasn't in the water, I was under the umbrella/tents. It was such a good trip, and I only got a little sunburned one day (faulty sunscreen). I literally cried when we left (leaving my family is always hard), but I'll hopefully be seeing them again soon. Maybe sooner than I thought because of the flooding. 
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