My Hometown is Flooded: Here's What I Know

As I sit here on a Sunday night, drinking my Community Coffee (the only kind of coffee I'll usually willingly make/drink) I'm at a loss for words. My hometown is flooded. My dad's house may be flooded. My mom is okay. My sister's boyfriends parents lost everything. For the longest time we couldn't get in touch with my brother. And pretty much everyone that I know/grew up with has lost something, if not everything. 

My birthday was on the 13th, and it was weird getting all these "Happy Birthday" messages while I was sitting and waiting to hear back from different family/friends. Having my little sister check in that she was okay on Facebook really put things into perspective for me. I'm so thankful that, at this point, everyone I know is safe.

I've heard stories of people who were woken up at 4am by an officer saying that they needed to get out now and a boat will be by in 20 minutes to get them. Friends who had to climb to the roof because the flash flooding happened so quickly they could either go to the attic, or go to the roof. Flash backs of Katrina in New Orleans, and that's what it's like in Baton Rouge currently. My hometown. Where I grew up. Where my family still lives. My elementary school and college are under water, though my high school seems to be okay. The city's been through so much this year.

The flooding has receded a little bit, but it's still pretty bad there. I just got word from my dad that his place didn't flood (thank goodness), and my brother was checked in on FaceBook by his roommate. My sister sent me the pictures above from when the flooding was "okay." Currently they're under flash flood warning until 4pm on Monday (today). If you want to read more about it, you can read the weather channel's article here

As of right now my dad's told me to stay put. I'll probably try and go home for Labor Day to help out, because much like Katrina it'll take a lot of time to clean up and get everything restored back to normal. For now, all I can do is wait.
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