Moving Apartments: The Best Thing Ever

It's FINALLY moving day. To say that the last year in this god forsaken apartment has been interesting would be the understatement of the year. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful that it was cheap enough that I was able to afford it and eating my first couple of months down here when I was working for Disney, but overall this apartment has been a terrible place to live. 

When people move, usually on blogs or in youtube videos, they're just like MOVING MOVING YAY, but don't tell you why. I'm that person who's like "but why, did you hate your last place, was it great, TELL ME ALL THE THINGS." So I decided to write a (hopefully) short post about why we decided to move. Honestly, it all starts before we even decided to live in this apartment. 

Originally, we started as a trio looking for a three bedroom apartment. Finding one that's cheap enough to live in off a Disney income is a pretty steep order. We were able to find a couple three bedrooms we liked, and a few two bedrooms that were big enough that could possibly work, but we didn't find one when I was down on vacation looking with them. Then the third roommate, who ended up moving out in December when Mads & I were away on a trip and stole a lot of our stuff, said she found a place that was pretty cheap. Living in California, I didn't really have much of a say so I shrugged my shoulders and said fine whatever. 

We moved in, and that's when the problems started. The first three weeks we were here, our A/C went out three times. Each time the maintenance team came and fixed the problem, which was great, but the office was always rude about it. Claiming that somehow it was our fault that we blew the A/C...we keep the A/C on 76 during the summer and 78 during the winter...not our fault. From the beginning there has also been this awful ant problem where ants literally get EVERYWHERE. They'll call an exterminator, but he can't do too much because the problem is outside. Essentially the last reason we're moving: the front office SUCKS. The building manager is literally the worst business person I've ever met in my entire life. She's rude, unhelpful, and sucks at managing her apartment. 

So, we've found a new apartment that is literally the nicest. The apartment is huge, for the two of us, and incredibly nice. We're on the second floor again, which is fine by me. They have an insanely nice swimming pool, and a workout area that's open from 5am-11pm (unlike our current building that's open 8-5 M-F). We haven't moved in as I'm writing this, but IT'S. MOVE. IN. DAY. 

I plan to do a lot with this apartment that we didn't do with our last apartment, specifically: actual furniture in our living room, decorations, and little homey touches. I'm so excited for the potential that this apartment holds & can't wait to bring y'all along with me as we make this apartment a home.
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