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So far I've written a little overview of our Atlanta trip, our experience at Turner Field, and our trip over to the Georgia Aquarium. Today, is a little bit different (and actually the first place we visited on our trip). It's all about the World of Coca Cola. If you ask me, you could compare the World of Coca Cola to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, but for coke. 

Unlike the lines for the aquarium, the line to get into the World of Coke was shaded all the way through, and kind of empty. The longest wait you had was to go through security and get your bag checked. Once you get into the room, they ask if there is anyone celebrating anything. Christian and I had just celebrated our year anniversary and our friend Cooper gladly volunteered that information for us. They gave us lanyards that said Happy Anniversary, and made everyone say Happy Anniversary to us. It was nice, and slightly embarrassing for two introverts like us. 

As you walk in, you can choose what kind of can of coke you would like - diet, regular, or coke zero. Cooper and I picked diet, while Christian went for regular. Then you walk in through the guided tour part. The first room you walk into is about a fifteen minute tour, which our tour guide (I wish you could remember her name) was amazing. The second room you watch a quick movie that's special to this location. It was cute, but the kid behind me kept kicking my chair repeatedly which kind of took away from the attraction. 

After you go through those two rooms, they let you walk around the rest of the location. It's part museum, part interactive museum/area. They have rooms that you can walk through to look through the history of coke, and how it has progressed to where it is today. Then they have the area where you can go and try coke from all around the world. This area was packed to the bring and incredibly overwhelming. It's kind of like Club Cool in Epcot if you've ever been there. 

Christian was pumped because he loves coke, and I was stoked because there were so many different options. Some of them were really sweet, while others were really bitter. It's interesting to me to see how different places have different flavors. All in all, I think we spent about an hour and half (ish) there. It was cool to see, but I don't know if I would go back to it. 

They're supposed to be opening a World of Coke in Downtown Disney in Orlando, so I feel like if that happens than Christian will want to visit that location as well. It's definitely something fun to do, but if you don't want hopped up children/adults than I wouldn't recommend it. Just thinking about it I can feel my teeth aching from the sugar. 
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