Going to Graduate School: Your Transcripts

So the last Going to Grad School post that I did, I said that the easiest part of applying was writing your resume. Well, that might be a slight lie, depending on where you went to undergrad/how long ago you completed your undergrad. I've previously talked about wanting to go to graduate school, and how you should find a school if you do decide to apply, so if you want to check those out you totally can. 

Since I graduate from college over two years ago (oh my god how has it been that long), my undergrad account no longer works. This means I don't have access to everything that I used to be able to, which means getting my transcripts was a little more complicated. For some of my applications, they would take an unofficial transcript but I wanted to have an official transcript, just to make things easy. I figured, if they would take an unofficial, cool but at least I'll have the official so that I don't have to check back and forth what they need over and over again.

Most colleges will have a specific department that deals with the transcripts and where to send them out. Honestly, it was easy once I figured out what I had to do. For my school, you simply had to print out a form and either fax it/email it back to our bursar's office. They would check your account, and if you were up to date with everything (and didn't owe any money) they would gladly send out 2 official transcripts for free per day. So since I'm applying to 11 schools, in total I'd need to request all 11 over a 5 day period, if they wanted them sent to the school itself. 

Most schools (at least that I'm applying to) just want you to upload an unofficial copy of your transcripts for your application and then if you were to be admitted, you would need to send another set of transcripts, but this time the official ones. For me, finding out where to get my transcripts/where to send them was really easy, but like I said. It could be difficult depending on where you went to undergrad/what their procedure is. 
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