Going to Graduate School: Your Resume/CV

I've previously talked about wanting to go to graduate school, and how you should find a school if you do decide to apply. But today, I wanted to talk about the Resume/CV portion of applying. Honestly, this is the portion that I found to be the easiest. While some schools would give you suggestions of what to include on your resume/CV, most will not - most only provide general information. 

For me, I just took my current resume that I use to apply to jobs and then added some more information/changed the layout. For my resume that I use to apply to jobs, I have an objective, education, and jobs section. However for my graduate school resume I wanted to switch it up a little more and I needed to provide a little more information. So now I have the following sections: objective, education, internship, job, extra curricular, and language. I had to break up my internship/job section because for my internships, I wasn't paid and I thought that breaking it up from my job section was important. 

I found that the easiest thing for me to do was to create one resume as the base resume, and then change my objective for each school. So since I have 11 schools that I want to apply for, I have 11 different resumes. I went over it a few times, and I've had some friends go over it as well. It's seen a ton of different pairs of eyes, and I think that was really important. For me, if I were just to sit and look at my resume because I've seen the same thing over and over again I may not register that a word was spelled wrong, or that the entire resume was done in past tense, except for two job descriptions. 

Because I had already had a resume before, I found this to be the easiest part of applying to graduate school (so far). It was easy when you had the previous information in front of you and you just have to fine tune something. Granted, I did spend a couple days going over my resume (yes, a couple days) and I will try and perfect it to the end. 

*Disclaimer: This post is not telling you how to write your resume for graduate school, nor is it saying that by following my advice you're going to get in. It's just to document how I did it along the way, and maybe you'll find it helpful.
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