All About the Food of Atlanta: Mary Mac's, The Varsity, & Bojangles

I've written about Atlanta on multiple occasions, you can see it in a little overview of our Atlanta tripour experience at Turner Fieldour trip over to the Georgia Aquarium, inside the World of Coca Cola, and Centennial Olympic Park. Today will be the last post about our trip to Atlanta, and I wanted to write all about the food that we ate during our trip there. 

We only spent 36 hours in Atlanta, but that doesn't mean we didn't try and eat as much as we could while we were there. Christian and I had packed some road trip snacks so we didn't have to stop on our way there. Then once we got there we wanted to hit the road running. We did stop and get a sausage sandwich at the aquarium cafe, which was meh and super expensive for what it was but it held us over for the most part. After we walked through Centennial Olympic Park, the Georgia Aquarium, and the World of Coca Cola we headed back to our hotel. On the way, we passed a Starbucks where we all got a drink and I picked up the Atlanta "You Are Here" mug. I like to pick up the mugs in every city Christian & I visit (kind of like picking up a baseball game at every stadium we visit). 

Once we checked in and got everything settled, we were all STARVING. Before heading there, Cooper's friend had given us a list of restaurants that we had to check out if we had time. We ended up deciding on a place called Mary Mac's Tea Room, which was the best decision we could have made. Y'all if you have a chance this place is absolutely amazing. The hours are 11am-9pm, and don't go on Sunday's after church unless you want to wait at least 30 minutes. It's a traditional southern style cooking restaurant. 

When you first walk in, you walk into a teeny tiny room and you wonder how big this place actually is. They take your name, and they'll call you when they're ready. If you are waiting, they have menu's there and I would say that you should definitely take a look at the menu. They have a ton of options, and it'll definitely take you a hot second to read through the entire menu. Instead of the waiter taking your order and having to remember it and being able to separate checks, they have you fill out your own that way there is no confusion. 

You have the option for an appetizer, entree, soup/salad, vegetables, which type of bread you would like, desert, beverage, and if you want something from the bar. Every entree (or at least the ones that we had gotten) came with two vegetables/sides, and everyone gets bread. Cooper and I went with the fried chicken, and Christian got chicken fried steak. Everything was SO delicious. Cooper ordered the peach cobbler (with ice cream on the side - Christian is lactose intolerant) for desert, because we would be damned if we went all the way to Georgia and didn't get anything with peach in it.  It was a slight mistake, but the best mistake. We were stuffed from dinner, so the thought of eating desert was so gross but so delicious. 

After dinner we decided to drive around Atlanta and go to Emory University, one of the places that I'm applying to graduate school at. We didn't want to get out of the car, and luckily it was late enough at night that the gates were open and that we could drive through the campus with ease. The campus is stunning, and the surrounding areas are SO nice. Christian really liked the area, a huge plus for me, and I really liked the campus. It's a win-win I would say. We headed back to the hotel, and passed out. 

The next morning we woke up to go to the baseball game, but before we left we HAD to go to The Varsity for brunch(?). My roommate Madison's dad actually recommended this to us and said that we had to stop by because they had really good food, for really cheap prices (which we're totally down for). Apparently, The Varsity has been around since 1928 and the prices have stayed low ever since then. The food was really good, and really cheap but it did get crowded right after we ordered. This probably had a lot to do with the fact that it was right before the game, and Memorial Day Monday. They had a ton of parking, which was really nice and sometimes hard to find in Atlanta. 

The last place we at in Georgia was Bojangles. I had heard about this place from a ton of people in Orlando. When I moved here, a lot of my friends thought that it was the best pace in the world. We ate there after the baseball game, on the way home after we got out of Atlanta traffic. Honestly, it was okay. Nothing to write hone about and not a place that I would really visit again. We each had chicken strips and chicken biscuits. It was meh. I would honestly rather Popeyes, but I am from Louisiana so I might be a little biased. 

If you ever need a place to eat in/around downtown Atlanta, you have to stop at Mary Mac's and The Varsity. 
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