A Week at Disney World with Family

Back at the end of February/beginning of March, my dad, uncle/godfather, aunt, and cousin came to visit me. I know, it's been forever but I still wanted to write about it because it was such a good time. I was planning on leaving the company, and my family had been planning on visiting me. It worked out perfectly too, because I put in my two weeks, but I had already scheduled my vacation. So my last day at work, was the first day my family came to visit. It was nice not really having to worry about if I would have to trade away shifts or if I would have to work at all since I had already scheduled time off. 

When they were here, we wanted to do everything that we could. We stayed in the All Star Sports resort, in two nice rooms (that were connected) near the front on the 'Surf' side. It was really cheap because when they were coming, there was a cheerleading competition (per usual) so we were probably one of maybe 50 families who weren't there for the competition. A lot of times, Disney will discount these rooms to try and fill them because a lot of people don't want to stay with the high school kids, and I can definitely see why. 

We went to all four parks, and Disney Springs (pre newly opened section), and spent a lot of time out and about. We ate SO much food, literally just thinking about it makes me want to explode. We made it a point to get soft serve ice cream every day, my favorite, and made sure to see every show we could. I think I did more in the week that my family was here than I have done in a long time at the parks. Having family come and you get to play tour guide for them is the best.  

I want to write about the different restaurants that we ate at each day because food is definitely the biggest thing in my family. We ate at Rose & Crown (I didn't get to because I had to work...), Coral Reef, The Plaza, Via Napoli, Kona Cafe, 50's Primetime Cafe, Captain's Grille, Sci Fi Diner, and Be Our Guest.  I'm telling you, we ate a ton. They were here for a full week and we made the best use of their time. I had made fast passes for each day, and while we stuck to them for the most part in the beginning of the week, toward the end of the week we got a little more tired and used them as we pleased. Waiting in line with family isn't so bad, and they came at the perfect time where the lines weren't really too long. 

The day they left was the first day I started my new job. Like I said, things couldn't have worked out better. It makes me sad that I don't get to see my family on a daily basis like I would when I was back home, but seeing them when I can makes everything worth it. 
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