Disney Restaurant Review: The Plaza Restaurant

One of the trickier places for us to find a reservation, that wasn't insanely expensive or very early, was Magic Kingdom. We ended up going to Magic Kingdom on a day where the park closed at 8. So needless to say, reservations for dinner were all around 5pm. For my family, that's way too early for us to eat. We had eaten at Be Our Guest for breakfast one day, and didn't want to try for a dinner reservation then. We were also looking somewhere that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg. The Plaza fit all of our requirements. 

Located at the end of Main Street USA, right next to the bridge to Tomorrowland, The Plaza is tucked around the corner next to the ice cream shop. The restaurant itself is not very large, with only two dining rooms, however the mirrored back wall makes it seem huge. Luckily for us, we were seated right in front of the window looking out toward the castle. This made my dads wish of being able to see the fireworks perfect. Right as our dinner ended, the fireworks began and our waiter told us to stay seated and enjoy the view. 

There's a large variety of food to choose from on the menu, and we each ordered something different. I went for the vegetarian sandwich, which was good. It wasn't anything particularly exceptional, but after eating a lot of Disney food for the week, I was ready for some vegetables. The food got rave reviews from around our table, and we didn't have anything to complain about. 

Honestly, if you're looking for a value priced, sit down meal this place fits the bill to a T. This place was absolutely delicious, and a really cozy place to eat. If/when Christian comes back and we need a place to eat a sit down meal, I would definitely bring him here. 

I've written about a few other places that I've eaten at in Disney before: Captain's GrilleSci-Fi Dine-InBe Our Guest, Steakhouse 55 (in Disneyland), Via Napoli, 50's Prime Time Cafe, and Kouzzina by Cat Cora

I've also eaten at a few others that I haven't had the chance to write about (because it was long before I had a blog/a forgotten experience): Trails End, Yak & Yeti, 1900 Park Fare, Akersheus, Teppan Edo, Tutto Italia, Chefs des France, and The Wave. So if you have any questions about those please let me know! 
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A Disney Restaurant Review: Sci-Fi Dine-In

When my family was here I was put in charge of picking all of the restaurants that we ate at, but my dad had two requests: Sci Fi Diner, and 50's Prime Time Cafe. We'd previously eaten at Sci Fi Diner when we were younger and came to Disney and the last time my dad and sister came to visit we tried to get a reservation but couldn't. So this time, I made reservations as far in advance that I could and we ended up getting a last minute reservation at Sci Fi. 

Sci Fi Diner is one of my favorite restaurants solely because of the nostalgia that it brings for my family. I've eaten here a few times in the past, and each time the food and service is great. Personally, I love the themed restaurants at Disney and the Cast Members who really go above and beyond to stay in theme. Located in Hollywood Studios, right near the ABC Commissary, the second you step foot into the restaurant you're transported into an 80's atmosphere. My dad, and boyfriend, both love the drive in theme & the fact that they play old school movies while you're eating.

Each party is shown to a car, however there are a few picnic tables in the back. Because it is so dark in the cars, it can be a little hard to see what you're eating or to see the menu to try and order food. However the wait staff is very good and can practically recite the menu forward and backward if you have any questions. The only "drawback" that I can think of, in regards to entertainment, is that the film is only about 40 minutes long, so you will see a little bit of it a few times. This was okay by us though, because it was fun to see all the old movies and concession stand commercials. 

Every time that I go, I get a burger. I've tried to see if I wanted something else but they have really good burgers. We got the fried pickles, and onion rings for an appetizer because if they have fried pickles you can bet that our family will be ordering them. The food all around was delicious, and we ate every last bite. We couldn't order desert because we didn't want to explode, but that's okay. 

Over all, I'll gladly come back to Sci Fi Diner. I think that if I were to have other options that I hadn't been to yet, I would go there, but if I couldn't make up my mind and I was near by, I would definitely pop in to Sci Fi. 

Some Disney restaurants that I've written about are: Captain's GrilleBe Our Guest, Steakhouse 55 (in Disneyland), Via Napoli, 50's Prime Time Cafe, and Kouzzina by Cat Cora.

I've also eaten at a few others that I haven't had the chance to write about (because it was long before I had a blog/a forgotten experience): Trails End, Yak & Yeti, 1900 Park Fare, Akersheus, Tutto Italia, Teppan Edo, Chefs des France, and The Wave. So if you have any questions about those please let me know! 
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Disney Restaurant Review: Captain's Grille

When my dad & family came to Disney, they put me in charge of making the restaurant reservations for the entire trip. I tried to make it as diverse as possible, while making sure there would be something that everyone would eat on the menu. We decided to eat at the Captain's Grille in Disney's Yacht Club Resort. We're not really buffet people, and we wanted something near the parks so Captain's Grille was perfect. It's about a five minute walk from Epcot, which was good because we had spent the morning there and wanted to eat a late lunch before heading to our next park. 

We had reservations for around 4:30 (if I remember correctly), and the restaurant opened at 4. Since we got there early, we asked if we could be seated early and they obliged. Obviously, being in the Yacht Club, the restaurant is nautical themed - which I love. Another great thing: air conditioning. Granted, almost all of the restaurants in Disney are air conditioned, but when you're walking around Epcot and it's hot as sin a little A/C is very welcomed. 

The only "downside" that I would say is that it was kind of dark in there, so some people had to use the flashlight on the menu to be able to read everything. Funnily enough, between the five of us, we only ordered two different dishes: the short ribs, and the chef's pasta. Both were absolutely amazing. The service was great, especially since we were some of the only people in there. The pricing is kind of in the middle for a Disney restaurant, most dishes were about $20-30 - we were there for the dinner rush, technically. 

All in all, if you have the money, and want an option outside of the parks, I would say that the Captain's Grille is a very good option. The food is great, the service was amazing, and the atmosphere is cozy. We had an amazing experience, and it is a place that I would like to go back to try maybe breakfast or lunch. I've only ever heard great things about Captain's Grille, and the Yacht Club in general. 

I've eaten at a lot of Disney restaurants, and honestly I'd love to be able to eat at them all (or have the money to be able to eat at them all). Some previous restaurants are: Be Our Guest, Steakhouse 55 (in Disneyland), Via Napoli, 50's Prime Time Cafe, and Kouzzina by Cat Cora. I know I've eaten at others that I just haven't written about like Trails End, Yak & Yeti, and The Wave. So I guess that just means that I'll have to go back and get pictures & write a review ;). 

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We Went to the Beach-each!

Every year in July my dad's side of the family goes on a beach trip to Fort Walton, Florida. It's one of the things I most look forward to in a year - besides October-January (because holidays, duh). I get to spend a week, without electronics or phone calls or media or anything else and just spend time with my family. It also serves as the time that my dad buys my little sister & I clothes for the coming months for our birthdays (we're about two weeks apart). 

We all go for walks on the beach, pretty much every night, and look for sand crabs. We cook together, eat out together, play in the waves together, and drink together. We play card games all the time, and 'the cousins' get so loud that my dad has to shush us on a regular basis. My family is close, and it's grown over the years. This year, we rented three condos to make sure everyone had a bed to sleep in. My sister and I brought our boyfriends, and they hit it off immediately. 

Normally, if I'm coming from Louisiana it only takes about four hours to get there, but since I was coming from south/central Florida it took us about seven hours. The drive there was rough - it literally rained the entire way there and I wouldn't let Christian drive because it made me nervous. We stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast (a promise to Christian since they don't have them in California), but that was the only stop we really made. We made really good time and were able to catch lunch with my family at a nearby Wataburger (which Christian had never had) before heading to the condo. 

The plan for the beach, usually, is wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, spend some time on the beach, then come up for lunch for about an hour, then head back down to the beach until sunset, bring everything back up, and then have dinner/get ready to go to dinner, meet at the big condo and play cards/games for a few hours before going to bed and waking up to do it all again. One morning someone cooks a big breakfast (this year it was Bubba), and we all eat together. We also spend one day, usually a Wednesday, off the beach and shopping to stay out of the sun. 

I'm pale as all get out, but my family pretty much tans if they even look at the sun. We set up three tents, two of our umbrellas, and three umbrellas from the condo. Needless to say if I wasn't in the water, I was under the umbrella/tents. It was such a good trip, and I only got a little sunburned one day (faulty sunscreen). I literally cried when we left (leaving my family is always hard), but I'll hopefully be seeing them again soon. Maybe sooner than I thought because of the flooding. 
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Moving Apartments: The Best Thing Ever

It's FINALLY moving day. To say that the last year in this god forsaken apartment has been interesting would be the understatement of the year. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful that it was cheap enough that I was able to afford it and eating my first couple of months down here when I was working for Disney, but overall this apartment has been a terrible place to live. 

When people move, usually on blogs or in youtube videos, they're just like MOVING MOVING YAY, but don't tell you why. I'm that person who's like "but why, did you hate your last place, was it great, TELL ME ALL THE THINGS." So I decided to write a (hopefully) short post about why we decided to move. Honestly, it all starts before we even decided to live in this apartment. 

Originally, we started as a trio looking for a three bedroom apartment. Finding one that's cheap enough to live in off a Disney income is a pretty steep order. We were able to find a couple three bedrooms we liked, and a few two bedrooms that were big enough that could possibly work, but we didn't find one when I was down on vacation looking with them. Then the third roommate, who ended up moving out in December when Mads & I were away on a trip and stole a lot of our stuff, said she found a place that was pretty cheap. Living in California, I didn't really have much of a say so I shrugged my shoulders and said fine whatever. 

We moved in, and that's when the problems started. The first three weeks we were here, our A/C went out three times. Each time the maintenance team came and fixed the problem, which was great, but the office was always rude about it. Claiming that somehow it was our fault that we blew the A/C...we keep the A/C on 76 during the summer and 78 during the winter...not our fault. From the beginning there has also been this awful ant problem where ants literally get EVERYWHERE. They'll call an exterminator, but he can't do too much because the problem is outside. Essentially the last reason we're moving: the front office SUCKS. The building manager is literally the worst business person I've ever met in my entire life. She's rude, unhelpful, and sucks at managing her apartment. 

So, we've found a new apartment that is literally the nicest. The apartment is huge, for the two of us, and incredibly nice. We're on the second floor again, which is fine by me. They have an insanely nice swimming pool, and a workout area that's open from 5am-11pm (unlike our current building that's open 8-5 M-F). We haven't moved in as I'm writing this, but IT'S. MOVE. IN. DAY. 

I plan to do a lot with this apartment that we didn't do with our last apartment, specifically: actual furniture in our living room, decorations, and little homey touches. I'm so excited for the potential that this apartment holds & can't wait to bring y'all along with me as we make this apartment a home.
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My Hometown is Flooded: Here's What I Know

As I sit here on a Sunday night, drinking my Community Coffee (the only kind of coffee I'll usually willingly make/drink) I'm at a loss for words. My hometown is flooded. My dad's house may be flooded. My mom is okay. My sister's boyfriends parents lost everything. For the longest time we couldn't get in touch with my brother. And pretty much everyone that I know/grew up with has lost something, if not everything. 

My birthday was on the 13th, and it was weird getting all these "Happy Birthday" messages while I was sitting and waiting to hear back from different family/friends. Having my little sister check in that she was okay on Facebook really put things into perspective for me. I'm so thankful that, at this point, everyone I know is safe.

I've heard stories of people who were woken up at 4am by an officer saying that they needed to get out now and a boat will be by in 20 minutes to get them. Friends who had to climb to the roof because the flash flooding happened so quickly they could either go to the attic, or go to the roof. Flash backs of Katrina in New Orleans, and that's what it's like in Baton Rouge currently. My hometown. Where I grew up. Where my family still lives. My elementary school and college are under water, though my high school seems to be okay. The city's been through so much this year.

The flooding has receded a little bit, but it's still pretty bad there. I just got word from my dad that his place didn't flood (thank goodness), and my brother was checked in on FaceBook by his roommate. My sister sent me the pictures above from when the flooding was "okay." Currently they're under flash flood warning until 4pm on Monday (today). If you want to read more about it, you can read the weather channel's article here

As of right now my dad's told me to stay put. I'll probably try and go home for Labor Day to help out, because much like Katrina it'll take a lot of time to clean up and get everything restored back to normal. For now, all I can do is wait.
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Going to Graduate School: Your Transcripts

So the last Going to Grad School post that I did, I said that the easiest part of applying was writing your resume. Well, that might be a slight lie, depending on where you went to undergrad/how long ago you completed your undergrad. I've previously talked about wanting to go to graduate school, and how you should find a school if you do decide to apply, so if you want to check those out you totally can. 

Since I graduate from college over two years ago (oh my god how has it been that long), my undergrad account no longer works. This means I don't have access to everything that I used to be able to, which means getting my transcripts was a little more complicated. For some of my applications, they would take an unofficial transcript but I wanted to have an official transcript, just to make things easy. I figured, if they would take an unofficial, cool but at least I'll have the official so that I don't have to check back and forth what they need over and over again.

Most colleges will have a specific department that deals with the transcripts and where to send them out. Honestly, it was easy once I figured out what I had to do. For my school, you simply had to print out a form and either fax it/email it back to our bursar's office. They would check your account, and if you were up to date with everything (and didn't owe any money) they would gladly send out 2 official transcripts for free per day. So since I'm applying to 11 schools, in total I'd need to request all 11 over a 5 day period, if they wanted them sent to the school itself. 

Most schools (at least that I'm applying to) just want you to upload an unofficial copy of your transcripts for your application and then if you were to be admitted, you would need to send another set of transcripts, but this time the official ones. For me, finding out where to get my transcripts/where to send them was really easy, but like I said. It could be difficult depending on where you went to undergrad/what their procedure is. 
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All About the Food of Atlanta: Mary Mac's, The Varsity, & Bojangles

I've written about Atlanta on multiple occasions, you can see it in a little overview of our Atlanta tripour experience at Turner Fieldour trip over to the Georgia Aquarium, inside the World of Coca Cola, and Centennial Olympic Park. Today will be the last post about our trip to Atlanta, and I wanted to write all about the food that we ate during our trip there. 

We only spent 36 hours in Atlanta, but that doesn't mean we didn't try and eat as much as we could while we were there. Christian and I had packed some road trip snacks so we didn't have to stop on our way there. Then once we got there we wanted to hit the road running. We did stop and get a sausage sandwich at the aquarium cafe, which was meh and super expensive for what it was but it held us over for the most part. After we walked through Centennial Olympic Park, the Georgia Aquarium, and the World of Coca Cola we headed back to our hotel. On the way, we passed a Starbucks where we all got a drink and I picked up the Atlanta "You Are Here" mug. I like to pick up the mugs in every city Christian & I visit (kind of like picking up a baseball game at every stadium we visit). 

Once we checked in and got everything settled, we were all STARVING. Before heading there, Cooper's friend had given us a list of restaurants that we had to check out if we had time. We ended up deciding on a place called Mary Mac's Tea Room, which was the best decision we could have made. Y'all if you have a chance this place is absolutely amazing. The hours are 11am-9pm, and don't go on Sunday's after church unless you want to wait at least 30 minutes. It's a traditional southern style cooking restaurant. 

When you first walk in, you walk into a teeny tiny room and you wonder how big this place actually is. They take your name, and they'll call you when they're ready. If you are waiting, they have menu's there and I would say that you should definitely take a look at the menu. They have a ton of options, and it'll definitely take you a hot second to read through the entire menu. Instead of the waiter taking your order and having to remember it and being able to separate checks, they have you fill out your own that way there is no confusion. 

You have the option for an appetizer, entree, soup/salad, vegetables, which type of bread you would like, desert, beverage, and if you want something from the bar. Every entree (or at least the ones that we had gotten) came with two vegetables/sides, and everyone gets bread. Cooper and I went with the fried chicken, and Christian got chicken fried steak. Everything was SO delicious. Cooper ordered the peach cobbler (with ice cream on the side - Christian is lactose intolerant) for desert, because we would be damned if we went all the way to Georgia and didn't get anything with peach in it.  It was a slight mistake, but the best mistake. We were stuffed from dinner, so the thought of eating desert was so gross but so delicious. 

After dinner we decided to drive around Atlanta and go to Emory University, one of the places that I'm applying to graduate school at. We didn't want to get out of the car, and luckily it was late enough at night that the gates were open and that we could drive through the campus with ease. The campus is stunning, and the surrounding areas are SO nice. Christian really liked the area, a huge plus for me, and I really liked the campus. It's a win-win I would say. We headed back to the hotel, and passed out. 

The next morning we woke up to go to the baseball game, but before we left we HAD to go to The Varsity for brunch(?). My roommate Madison's dad actually recommended this to us and said that we had to stop by because they had really good food, for really cheap prices (which we're totally down for). Apparently, The Varsity has been around since 1928 and the prices have stayed low ever since then. The food was really good, and really cheap but it did get crowded right after we ordered. This probably had a lot to do with the fact that it was right before the game, and Memorial Day Monday. They had a ton of parking, which was really nice and sometimes hard to find in Atlanta. 

The last place we at in Georgia was Bojangles. I had heard about this place from a ton of people in Orlando. When I moved here, a lot of my friends thought that it was the best pace in the world. We ate there after the baseball game, on the way home after we got out of Atlanta traffic. Honestly, it was okay. Nothing to write hone about and not a place that I would really visit again. We each had chicken strips and chicken biscuits. It was meh. I would honestly rather Popeyes, but I am from Louisiana so I might be a little biased. 

If you ever need a place to eat in/around downtown Atlanta, you have to stop at Mary Mac's and The Varsity. 
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My Agenda for 2016-2017? Lilly Pulitzer, Always

In high school, I honestly couldn't remember what type of agenda I had. Probably something huge and from Walmart/Target. Back in the day, I didn't need/want it to be pretty/preppy/colorful, all I cared about was that it was big enough that I could write a ton of crap in it (I always had something to do/a ton of homework - shoutout to the all girls, private catholic high school). However, once I went to college and joined a sorority, that all changed. I began to think about every last detail of my school books and even my agenda; I was officially a Lilly Pulitzer agenda convert

Throughout college, I used the medium Lilly planners and I loved them. I was going to switch at some point, but I always found that I used a mixture of my computer stickies and my planner to keep a running list of things I needed to do/homework, and my calendar to keep up with tests/tasks. While that's kept up with my personal life after college, for the most part, I took a look at my planner and really thought it through this year. 

This year, I looked at the patterns and decided on one I loved: the agenda in Ocean Jewels. Apparently, I read too quickly through because I didn't see that it was a large agenda, instead of the medium agenda that I thought I was getting. Here I am, thinking I may order down to the small because I don't have as much going on anymore, and I order a large. Granted, if I would have ordered a medium, like I thought I was, I would have ordered the Going Coastal agenda, because look how freaking cute it is. 

Honestly, when I got it in I was shocked. I swore I was getting a medium, not large, agenda. I sat on my bed for a little bit and thought it out. Should I keep it? Should I send it back? I thought about it, and then complained about my idiocy on twitter (like you do) and my friend Kelsey really swayed me when she said that she adored the large agenda. I figured I could give it a shot and if I really hate it, I'll get rid of it. Honestly, the only thing I've really done with it is write in the important dates from my calendar (I transferred things like birthdays/anniversaries), but so far I love it. 

I didn't really think that I would need such a big calendar, but after using it for a little bit, I've started to fall in love with it. The only thing that I can think that I don't like is that instead of the months tab in the front, they have an art tab. It's not such a big deal because the large agenda does provide more space to write everything down, but in my medium agenda I was using the front part for my blog/youtube information. So once I had written a post/scheduled a video I would write it down there to see how much I had done/what else I needed to plan out. It's not a big deal, because I just created a calendar on my iCal to do the same thing. All in all, I love the large planner. It gives me a lot of space and nothing feels too crammed or like I need to write incredibly tiny to make everything fit. 

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Going to Graduate School: Your Resume/CV

I've previously talked about wanting to go to graduate school, and how you should find a school if you do decide to apply. But today, I wanted to talk about the Resume/CV portion of applying. Honestly, this is the portion that I found to be the easiest. While some schools would give you suggestions of what to include on your resume/CV, most will not - most only provide general information. 

For me, I just took my current resume that I use to apply to jobs and then added some more information/changed the layout. For my resume that I use to apply to jobs, I have an objective, education, and jobs section. However for my graduate school resume I wanted to switch it up a little more and I needed to provide a little more information. So now I have the following sections: objective, education, internship, job, extra curricular, and language. I had to break up my internship/job section because for my internships, I wasn't paid and I thought that breaking it up from my job section was important. 

I found that the easiest thing for me to do was to create one resume as the base resume, and then change my objective for each school. So since I have 11 schools that I want to apply for, I have 11 different resumes. I went over it a few times, and I've had some friends go over it as well. It's seen a ton of different pairs of eyes, and I think that was really important. For me, if I were just to sit and look at my resume because I've seen the same thing over and over again I may not register that a word was spelled wrong, or that the entire resume was done in past tense, except for two job descriptions. 

Because I had already had a resume before, I found this to be the easiest part of applying to graduate school (so far). It was easy when you had the previous information in front of you and you just have to fine tune something. Granted, I did spend a couple days going over my resume (yes, a couple days) and I will try and perfect it to the end. 

*Disclaimer: This post is not telling you how to write your resume for graduate school, nor is it saying that by following my advice you're going to get in. It's just to document how I did it along the way, and maybe you'll find it helpful.
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Standing in the Place of the Olympians: Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park

I've written about Atlanta on multiple occasions, you can see it in a little overview of our Atlanta tripour experience at Turner Fieldour trip over to the Georgia Aquarium, inside the World of Coca Cola. However, today it's all about Centennial Olympic Park. 

The last time I went to Centennial Olympic Park, it was around Christmas time and they had a HUGE Christmas tree in the center of the park. It was so beautiful and we climbed up around it to take pictures. This time, it was around the end of May/early June so there wasn't a Christmas tree but instead it was wide open. 

It was cool to see the park on a "normal" day. There were a ton of families walking around, and because it was so hot that day that there were a ton of people playing in the Olympic Ring Fountain. If you are going there during a "holiday" season, they have a ton of different events. Most recently, they had a 4th of July celebration with fireworks and performers.

During the Winter time they have holiday in the lights & ice skating in the park, and during the Spring/Summer time they have Wednesday WindDown, Music at Noon, Sweetwater 420 festival, and the 4th of July celebration. 

We had parked at our hotel and walked to the aquarium/world of coke/centennial park, however they have a ton of parking options around there. The best parking (in my opinion) if you're not staying downtown would be in the parking garage for the aquarium. This is what we did last time I was in Atlanta. 

It's crazy to think that this year marks 20 years since the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. If you have time to make it down to Atlanta during the summertime, or even any time this year I would definitely suggest going. 
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A Week at Disney World with Family

Back at the end of February/beginning of March, my dad, uncle/godfather, aunt, and cousin came to visit me. I know, it's been forever but I still wanted to write about it because it was such a good time. I was planning on leaving the company, and my family had been planning on visiting me. It worked out perfectly too, because I put in my two weeks, but I had already scheduled my vacation. So my last day at work, was the first day my family came to visit. It was nice not really having to worry about if I would have to trade away shifts or if I would have to work at all since I had already scheduled time off. 

When they were here, we wanted to do everything that we could. We stayed in the All Star Sports resort, in two nice rooms (that were connected) near the front on the 'Surf' side. It was really cheap because when they were coming, there was a cheerleading competition (per usual) so we were probably one of maybe 50 families who weren't there for the competition. A lot of times, Disney will discount these rooms to try and fill them because a lot of people don't want to stay with the high school kids, and I can definitely see why. 

We went to all four parks, and Disney Springs (pre newly opened section), and spent a lot of time out and about. We ate SO much food, literally just thinking about it makes me want to explode. We made it a point to get soft serve ice cream every day, my favorite, and made sure to see every show we could. I think I did more in the week that my family was here than I have done in a long time at the parks. Having family come and you get to play tour guide for them is the best.  

I want to write about the different restaurants that we ate at each day because food is definitely the biggest thing in my family. We ate at Rose & Crown (I didn't get to because I had to work...), Coral Reef, The Plaza, Via Napoli, Kona Cafe, 50's Primetime Cafe, Captain's Grille, Sci Fi Diner, and Be Our Guest.  I'm telling you, we ate a ton. They were here for a full week and we made the best use of their time. I had made fast passes for each day, and while we stuck to them for the most part in the beginning of the week, toward the end of the week we got a little more tired and used them as we pleased. Waiting in line with family isn't so bad, and they came at the perfect time where the lines weren't really too long. 

The day they left was the first day I started my new job. Like I said, things couldn't have worked out better. It makes me sad that I don't get to see my family on a daily basis like I would when I was back home, but seeing them when I can makes everything worth it. 
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