Why I Quit My Birchbox Subscription After Four Years

I received my first Birchbox in May 2012, and my last in June 2016. Four years later, I like to think that I learned a little bit. I had been going back and forth of if I should continue with my subscription for a couple of months now. After really sitting down and looking at everything I've received for the past few months, what I've used, and what I still have sitting around, I decided it was time to quit. 

Overall, I liked the service when I first got it, but as I started to grow I didn't feel like samples that I was receiving grew with me. I felt as if I was receiving the same things or types of things over and over again. While some things worked for me, most things didn't. A lot of the products that I got were either extremely expensive, or something I wouldn't ever really use. 

I've found that if I'm looking for something specific, or if I want to try something I tend to go to either Nordstrom (online - because there isn't one here in Orlando, or back home) or to the actual brand's website. I like to online shop when it comes to skincare/hair care/makeup because it's easier for me. I live kind of in the middle of nowhere (for now) Florida so it's hard for me to go to an actual store. This was one of the reasons why I liked Birchbox in the beginning. 

I think that Birchbox is a great service, and I would say that if you have been thinking about trying it out, you should for a few months. I wouldn't do it just for one month, because things change month to month and you are able to customize it and give reviews on what you did and didn't like. 
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