The Last Season at Turner Field

If you missed the first part of this post/series thing, you can go back and read this post. It'll tell you exactly what we did with our 36ish hours in Atlanta. Essentially the entire reason that we headed to Atlanta for Memorial Day weekend was to see Turner Field for the first and last time. This is the last season for Turner Field, and since the Giants were in town we thought what better time to go see the field. One of my best friend's Cooper is from the Bay area originally, and grew up with the Giants as her team. She's moving out to New York the first week of August, and since the Giants were out for Memorial Day, there couldn't have been a better time to drive up to see Turner Field. 

Turner Field is absolutely stunning, and honestly I can't tell you why they're shutting it down. According to Christian, the stadium isn't that old and it's in good condition. His theory is that they're trying to bring more revenue into the city and since the Braves haven't been doing especially well lately maybe a new stadium will bring in more fans. This totally seems like a reasonable explanation to me, but of all the stadiums I had been to so far Turner Field was definitely on the top of the list. 

The first thing that you see when you are driving up to the stadium are the Olympic Rings and the HUGE Olympic Torch. Finding parking was super easy, especially since we had bought parking ahead of time (honestly, the best thing to do if you ask me). The parking people were extremely nice, especially when the barcode wasn't scanning on my phone. They let me check the Ticketmaster website and when they saw that I had purchased parking already, they let me go through. 

Just walking around before you walk into the stadium is absolutely beautiful. They have a ton of statues all around, and the HUGE sign for Turner Field is something you have to take a picture in front of (it's iconic - if you ask me). We strolled around, just trying to take everything in before we entered into the stadium. Once you walk in, there was SO much going on. It was super busy, probably because it was memorial day weekend, but they seemed to have everything under control. 

The first place that we stopped at (after taking a picture in front of the field of course) was the stadium's merchandise store. It's always a tradition for us (aka me) to buy a hat at every stadium that I go to. This is a different way of supporting the team/getting a souvenir. I figure it's something that I'll definitely wear, and it's nice to have. Christian & I are very partial to 47 brand "one size fits all" hats, and it's the only brand we'll wear. Usually only one of us will  buy the hat, but because they had a really awesome Turner Field hat, we both ended up getting one. I got the hat in red, and he got the hat in navy blue. 

After buying the hats, we walked around the stadium. We had gotten there super early just so that we could explore (one of our favorite things to do). It was cool to get to see a different vantage point of Atlanta. They had an amazing ceremony for the veterans, which made Cooper and I tear up a little bit. Then we found our seats after getting beers and pretzels. The game was INSANELY HOT. Like, I'm from the deep south in Louisiana and I even thought it was a little toasty. 

Christian ended up moving up into the shade around the fourth inning, only after hand delivering me dippin dots in a little baseball hat (queue heart eye emoji). Coops and I tried to stay it out but around the sixth inning I gave up and we moved up to the shade. I had worked on my tan enough, and even gotten a little sunburnt regardless of the THREE COATS OF SUNSCREEN that I put on. 

All in all, I would say that it was an amazing game with some great people. I'm glad that Christian has a list of stadiums to cross off, and we're slowly but surely making some progress.  

Updated Stadium Rankings, in my opinion: 
1. PetCo Park (Padres Stadium)
2. Turner Field (Braves Stadium)
3. Angels Stadium
4. Dodgers Stadium
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