The Best Surprise Present from Greetabl

My old roommate from California is literally the sweetest person I ever met, and if you would meet her you would have to agree. Recently, when I went to get my mail I was presently surprised with a random gift in my mailbox. I was expecting some stuff from my mom, dad, and the Influenster #reverseyourroutine Tresemme box. However it was quite a surprise when I saw a tiny box in the mail too. 

Slightly confused, I took it back to my apartment and debated on opening for .5 second before I tore into it. I first looked into the box and saw it was from greetabl, a company that I had never heard of before. As I got the box out of the mailing box, I was instantly intrigued by the wrapping and how to open it. It comes with a fun patterned outside box, and on the inside the greeting is customizable. 

I almost started crying when I saw what it was and who it was from. Sonya had sent me the cutest bath bomb, and included the sweetest message on the greeting. On the inside, she also included pictures that mean the world to me: the apartment where we lived together in California, Autopia - the attraction that I worked at Disneyland, and Alice in Wonderland - one of my all time favorite movies and favorite attractions at Disneyland. 

The bath bomb that she had gotten for me was La Nuit Fizzy Bath Bomb from Greetabl. It was made from dead sea salt with a blend of amber, myrrh, vanilla, lavender, and Egyptian musk. The bath bomb is very strong, and honestly I could have used a fourth of it at a time instead of the whole thing at once. However, it was seriously one of the most relaxing baths I had taken in quite some time. 

I took some time browsing through the website and they have SO many different gift options that you could send to someone. My favorites have to either be the champagne gummy bears from Sugarfinathe cup of love tea, OR cocktail bitters. They have a diverse selection of items that you can send out, but right now I feel like they're more geared toward your girlfriends than your guy friends. If anything, you should definitely take a look because they have some really cute and unique gifts. If you're struggling to come up with a gift for someone, I would definitely suggest checking them out. 

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