Sharp Objects // A Review

Sharp Objects was the second Gillian Flynn novel that I picked up, the first being Gone Girl. Personally, I'd give this book a 4/5. I thought that the writing was really good, and I was really shocked about how it ended, however the book tended to follow the same pattern as Gone Girl (and Dark Places). This was the first novel that Gillian Flynn published, and if I would have picked it up before Gone Girl I probably would have loved it even more. 

I would definitely categorize her novels as thriller novels, and it is most definitely a good thing. In this novel, Camille goes back to her old town to visit with her family, with a great focus on her little sister. Camille's youngest sister is substantially younger than her, and when she goes back home she begins to think more about her past and wonders what in the world is happening in the town now. Camille's sister (the middle child) passed away when she was younger, which becomes a large part of this story. 

Camille suffered from both physical and emotional abuse from her family when she was younger, which she took out on herself by cutting words into her skin. Used as a coping mechanism for what was happening around her at the time, the words begin to play a large part of the story. In this emotional thriller, you learn more and more about what happened to Camille's younger sister. 

This novel is definitely one that kept me up at night, and when I finished reading it I couldn't believe what I had just read. I think I sat in silence for a good fifteen minutes afterward just trying to digest what had just happened. It's a story about a mothers love, that is suffocating (almost literally and physically). If you like books that you can't actually put down until you finish it, I would definitely recommend picking it up.

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