Rushing Baby Buffy to the Pet Hospital

I've been putting off writing this post for quite some time now, but I think that I'm ready. When I first got Buffy, I realized that she wasn't really a playful kitten (like normal) really quickly. She hid more than Binx, but at the same time each kitten is different so I thought that maybe she was just more shy. Turns out, she was sick. 

One night I came home from work and realized that something wasn't quite right. I checked the litter box and there was blood in it. Not a lot, but with two kittens you have to be worried. I called her vet and asked about it and they gave me the number of an overnight vet that I could take her to. I waited a little bit because it was storming like crazy but she just wasn't really moving a lot. The overnight vet was about 45 minutes away, and I cried the entire time taking her there. While I knew this was the best decision I could have made, it was still a hard decision. 

They checked her out and then decided they needed to do surgery on her. I signed the paperwork, and left her there over night. In the morning, when the surgeon came in she gave me a call. I was on my way to work and contemplated pulling over to take it, but I just decided to keep driving. After talking to her, she advised me that she didn't want to operate on Buffy because she didn't think that it was anything operable. She thought it could be a multitude of things, but mostly she thought it was FIP. FIP is kind of like parvo for puppies, except it mutates in each cat differently so they do not currently have a cure for it. She recommended an internal medicine specialist that specializes in cases like this.

Hearing that hit me really hard. I went to work, worked through the day and then after work picked up baby Buff Buff. She was looking a lot better, and was eating a little bit more. I called the vet that day at work that the surgeon recommended to me, we made an appointment for the next day at noon. 

The story goes on, but I think that's enough for right now. Next week I'll write about the internal medicine specialist, who is literally the nicest vet I've ever been to. 
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