Mother's Always Know Best

Every now and then my mom will send me little packages from home with random things. A little while ago, she had come to visit for Mother's Day to spend a little time with me. She got to meet the kittens (more on them later!), we hung out around Disney World, and went to dinner a few times. Epcot was having its Flower and Garden festival which was really fun and my mom adored because she's all about the garden. She loves finding different things to plant, and growing her own food. It was a fun, but quick trip. She doesn't like to drive alone or go places by herself, so it was a really big deal for her to come visit me by herself. 

While she was here, she couldn't help but notice that we don't really have too many hand by too many I mean we have two for our kitchen. My mom is the person who owns a ton of hand towels and dish rags because she'll use one a day and replace them at the end of the end of the night. This is a really great system, I'll admit however it's not one that we really use because you know...we don't have any. So my mom, being the thoughtful person that she is decided that she was going to get us some and surprise us. 

It was really fun to get an unexpected package, especially one that you "need" and can use all the time. My parents both always seem to know what I need, even if I don't think I need anything.

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