Less Mess: Baseball Hats

Baseball caps have slowly become one of my biggest obsessions. It's one (of many) thing that I think you can never have enough of. What if a friend or family member comes to stay with you, and it's super sunny outside. They need a baseball cap. What if you're going to the beach/road tripping? You need a cap to keep the hair out your face and the sun off your face. Or maybe that's just me being super pale and having super thin hair that never really protected my scalp from the skin. Can we just take a moment and acknowledge how awful scalp burns are. 

There's something about them that I absolutely adore, and I have quickly started to collect them. I started out with just a couple, and as Christian and I go places my collection seems to grow. I'm obsessed with the '47 brand hats (the unisex ones, not the women's ones) and every time I find one that I like (especially the adjustable ones) I have to hold myself back from buying them. 

Christian has this goal of going to every baseball park, and I've decided that as a souvenir I would collect the baseball caps of every team that we saw. Because of this, my collection seemed to grow over night. What started out as just a few college football, and sorority hats seemed to expand rapidly. Now, I've got a pretty decent sized collection (I would say), and because of this, I'm running out of room/space. Some hats I kept just because of the memories and I didn't really wear anymore. 

Much like the Mickey ears that I'll be sending off with my dad, I'll be doing the same thing with the baseball caps. I have a few old ones from college, and the baseball caps from MLB teams that I'll be keeping with me in Florida, but for the most part I'll be sending the rest home. For now, I think I kept about 10 at my apartment, and the rest I'll put away for a sunny day. 

Do you have a favorite team or just a favorite baseball cap? 

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