I Adopted Two Kittens?!

Growing up, we've always had a cat in the house and when I moved out on my own when I was 17-turning 18 to go to college, that stopped. Ever since then I've wanted a cat of my own. The cats that we've always had have been family cats. One's that my brother found on the street, or ones that wandered up to our door. This time, I live in an apartment complex and I haven't really seen any cats wandering around, so I felt it was time I adopted a cat. 

Back when I lived in California, we had this running joke among some of my friends that if someone adopted a cat for me, I would stay in California. Toward the end of my program, some of my friends (and Christian) strongly considered adopting a kitten for me. In the end, I had already signed a lease in Florida and it wasn't in the cards. 

Back in March I decided it was time, and when I saw two little black kittens in the PetSmart adoption center I knew I had to have them. They had really odd names before I adopted them, but I decided to change their names to Buffy & Binx, more commonly known as Buff Buff and Binxy. I adopted them through a "charity" called "The Pixel Fund" and honestly it was the worst experience I had ever had. The people are very unresponsive, even after sending multiple emails. And the process which "would only take 3-5 days" ended up taking about two weeks. Even weeks after adopting the kittens and I "would get the records for them ASAP" I still didn't have their records. It's been months and I still never received Buffy's microchip information.

Bringing them home was interesting; they meowed the entire time, and it broke my heart. Finally, when I got them inside the house [I kept them in my room for the first few weeks] they looked around and then promptly hid. It took a while for them to come around (aka a dayish) and then they were playing like crazy. Well, Binxy was but more on that later. Adopting these two beauties was probably the best decision I had ever made. 
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