Hollow City // A Book Review

Hollow City is the second novel in the trilogy of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, that picks up exactly where the first novel left off. I didn't actually have the second novel when I finished reading the first, but luckily for me it (as well as the third novel) had already been published I just had to go and pick it up. If I wouldn't have had the opportunity to pick up the second novel immediately after finishing the first one I would have been so upset. 

The first book leaves you with a cliff hanger while Jacob and his friends are running away and fighting to save not only their lives but the lives of their care takers as well. Miss Peregrine is trapped in bird form, so the children have to carry her along with them as they're trying to find the others and a way to change her back. You meet a slew of new characters who come along and help them to get to their destination. 

This book is an amazingly written book, much like the first one. However, if you have not read the first book I would not say pick up this book. Much like the twins you meet in this book, this book cannot stand on its own. This book shows great character development, and you can see as each of the characters begin to go through their own struggles on this journey. I liked this book more than the first book, which I thought would be hard to overcome. 

I would have to give this book a four/five stars. This books is so captivating and it really does bring you into their world. I would say that you should pick up a hard copy (or paperback version) of this book because it does have a lot of intriguing photographs that accompany the novel as well. All in all, this book is highly loved by me (and my sister, and probably my mom when she finishes reading it). 
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