Christian Comes for Mardi Gras !?

Do you ever look back and think, oh my god where did the time go? Because, same. Guys we're in JULY. JULY! It's crazy to think that over half the year has gone already. Where does the time freaking go? The reason I'm saying that is because since I took some time to get my writing mojo back, I feel like there's a lot from this past year that I missed and want to write about. So this current post is about the time that Christian came to visit me back in February. It kind of only feels right because right now, he and I are sitting on the beach with my dads side of the family.

Christian & I have a ritual of sorts whenever he comes to visit me, and when I come to visit him. When he comes to Florida, we (now) always eat at Cracker Barrel and Waffle House because he loves them (breakfast food in general) and they don't have them in California. This trip back from February was where it all began. We always went to Waffle House, but this time since he had never been to Cracker Barrel we HAD to go. He loved it. So now, we always go to both places. 

Because it was Mardi Gras time back home, I had begged my mom to send a king cake for the time when Christian was here. She did, and he got to try it for the first time. We were "talking" around Mardi Gras last year but I had gotten a king cake and made gumbo for my friends in California before I had met him. So this year, we did the same thing but just the two of us. It was so good and so much fun. He loved the king cake, because who doesn't, and as always the gumbo too. 

We didn't really do tooooooo much while he was here, which is sometimes the best way. We spent a little time at Magic Kingdom, because why not. When you're in a long distance relationship, it's really hard to only get to see each other every two(ish) months, but we try and make the best of it. Sometimes we get to see each other for a week, other times it's only for a couple days. This trip was a lot of fun, and very needed; until the next time.
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