Be Our Guest: A Disney Restaurant Review

I've had the lucky opportunity to eat at Be Our Guest restaurant in Disney's Magic Kingdom a couple times now.  I've eaten breakfast twice, lunch once, and dinner once. Out of all three times to eat there, I would say that dinner is the best time to go for the best food and the best service. If you're just looking to try and get in and see the restaurant, breakfast is your best bet. 

Breakfast and lunch are essentially the same kind of quick service option. The service for breakfast is good, but it can get very hectic in there so just be aware. Once you walk through the doors, you're lead to a line to place your order on a touch screen. You make your choice, and pay right then. You either are found by your magic band or by a rose that they give you. You then have the choice of where to sit - the West Wing, the Ball Room, and the Rose Gallery. I've only sit in the Ball Room and the Rose Gallery, and I really liked both. The food for breakfast was okay, as was the food for lunch but I wasn't incredibly thrilled if I'm being honest. 

However, dinner is another story. I ate dinner there back in Fall 2014 when I was doing my college program there. My roommate made reservations whenever she found out that she had gotten into the program. It's funny because she's this crazy over planner, but it totally worked out in our favor. The food was amazing, the service was amazing, and it's a little expensive for a poor college student, but if you have the money it's definitely worth it. 

The biggest difference that I found, especially between breakfast and dinner is that at dinner you're able to take a picture with the beast, and they'll use your camera which means that you get to keep the photo. If you're a big character meet & greet person, than dinner is the time to go. I am not the biggest fan of character meet & greets, something about them kind of wigs me out, but Sarah is so it was literally the perfect experience for her. 

Have you ever been to Be Our Guest? Did you like the food? 
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