Baseball, Brunch, & Quite the Adventure

Last year, I started the MLB season with a game at Angels stadium (my boyfriends favorite team), so this year we decided to switch it up a little bit and go to a game in San Diego. "My team" for MLB is the Padres (I literally just chose a team since I fell in love with SD and everything that they do with the military). I've spoken about how PetCo Park is my absolute favorite before and how I think it's the best baseball stadium ever, though there are many I haven't been to yet. 

We got our start a little rough, after going out until all hours of the night before, but Katy drove and we got there in about two hours (which is pretty much normal). We had bought parking with our tickets, and parked in the Padres Parking Garage and then decided to walk to brunch. We went to a place called Cafe 21 in the Gaslamp district, which was amazing. 

To say that some of us were hungover was an understatement, but we handled it like champs. If you're looking for a quiet place, this is not where you want to go. The place was loud, and there were a few birthday parties there being celebrated. Our server was fantastic, and incredibly loud. He put on a show, which was great. The service was a little slow, but the food was amazing. A lot of the atmosphere probably had to do with the time we went, since it was Sunday before a 1pm Padres game. A couple friends got drinks (while I stuck with coffee - which was pretty good), so I got to try the mimosa flight, Bloody Mary with beer, and Bloody Mary with a grilled cheese stuck in the middle of it. The sides are really fresh, and there is an option for food for everyone. 

After Bruch, we walked down to PetCo Park and watched the game. It was incredibly hot that day, so at one point Christian & I went and sat in the shade up to. I didn't mind because I got to see all of San Diego from the top. I honestly don't remember much about the game, except that there was a lot of military there and they honored the military during the game, as they do every Sunday. 

After the game, we had hotel reservations at the Comfort Inn in Gaslamp, which was nice and in a good location (which is all we cared about). Originally, we had planned to go to brunch, then the game, then check in to the hotel and go out in Gaslamp. However, that's not quite how things went down. We did go to brunch, and the game, and checked in to the hotel...but then we fell asleep...and we woke up at midnight...I wish I could say I was kidding, but I'm not. It was really comical for us because we had planned to "nap and rally." 

In the end, it proved to be the best option because we all felt refreshed and ordered the most amazing Mexican food from a little whole in the wall. Katy & I went go pick it up around 12:30, and by 1 am we had eaten the food, set an alarm for the morning (10am because we didn't have to check out until noon - literally the best), and went right back to sleep. 

The day didn't really go to plan, but I'm so happy with how it turned out. What could have been an awful day, turned into a night that we all still talk about fondly. 

Have you ever had an experience like this where everything you planned goes out the window, but turns out to be the best thing? 

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