A Day with the Tampa Bay Rays

I've been to five different stadiums now, six if you count the spring training game I went to once, and it's so crazy to me how different each stadium is from each other. For me, the craziest thing about Tropicana Field was the fact that it was indoors. Y'all I could seriously not get over the fact that it was indoors. It's so different from any other baseball stadium that I've been to before. 

The reason that I went to this game was because Cooper's team is the Giants and they were playing the Rays. Cooper loves baseball, and much like Christian if she had the ability to visit every baseball stadium, she would. So I jumped at the opportunity to see what this stadium looked like. Getting to the stadium was relatively easy, but if you're coming from the Orlando area prepare for a little bit of traffic especially as you get around the Ybor area. 

Once you get off the interstate, parking at the stadium is really easy. We parked at one of the close lots that was a literal five minute walk into the stadium. We used the app Parking Panda, which I had never used before but Cooper had. Apparently a lot of other people used it too because as I was walking around I saw a ton of people with print outs like ours. 

Once we walked into the stadium, after tailgating for a minute, we were transported into a different world. One that none of us were ready for. It was so weird walking around inside, but really nice because air conditioning. In the Florida heat, I can understand why there's indoor baseball but at the same time it's such a weird experience (have I mentioned that before haha). 

We walked around looking for the best food and drink options, after finding a full bar we picked up our drinks and looked for food. All I wanted was a hot dog, because you have to have either a hot dog or nachos at a baseball game. It's practically law (well, my law anyways). We then headed to find a store with baseball caps (47 brand specifically), per my request. I was looking for an adjustable, one size fits all, NO VELCRO hat. Unfortunately, they didn't have any. I'm not a fan of velcro, I think it's kind of tacky, and I don't like the way that the women's hat fits. I didn't find one, but later I went home and found this hat online that I'll probably buy at some point. I was sad that I didn't have a hat to take home to commemorate the game, but it's all good. 

We ended up being walked by one of the security people to the touch pool, which was closed for the hour unfortunately and we didn't really feel like waiting. There's a deck bar that is over by the center/left field and we hung out there for a while, drinking and making friends. That part of the game was so much fun. Then there was a concert, the first of a series, that the Fray was putting on. It was a good, fun concert but by that time I was ready to go home. Cooper and I split some dippin dots, a kind of tradition, and then headed home. It was STORMING on the way home, much like Florida does. 

I liked the game, but honestly in the raking system I have going on in my head, I would have to say that this is probably my least favorite stadium so far. A lot goes into it, but the fact that it was inside, the "grass" wasn't real grass, the fan's cowbells were OBNOXIOUS BEYOND BELIEF, the fact that it was insanely loud for a game that was maybe 1/3 of the way full, and so many other things just puts it at the bottom of my list. 

Updated Stadium Standings, in my opinion: 
1. PetCo Park (Padres Stadium)
2. Turner Field (Braves Stadium)
3. Angels Stadium (first time) / (second time)
4. Dodgers Stadium
5. Tropicana Field (Tampa Bay Rays Stadium)

There's also: ESPN WWOS [Wide World of Sports] where I saw the Braves play the Tigers

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