Which Do You Prefer: Spring Training or Season Baseball?

The first major league baseball game that I attended this season was actually a spring training game at Disney's Wide World of Sports. I'm really glad that I got to attend this game because it was awesome to see the Atlanta Braves train at a facility that they had been playing at. Word is that they're leaving after this season, and hopefully another team will come in.

While the game itself was incredibly slow, and not the best (the Braves lost), it was still a great time. My friend Katy and I had gotten there just as the first inning started, and stayed the entire time (the only way to do it, if you ask me). The facility itself is absolutely massive, and considering the sheer amount of events that take place at ESPN's WWOS (wide world of sports) it should be. While we were going in for the baseball game, there was a cheerleading competition and a baseball tournament as well.

We had really great seats, and while we may have gotten a little sunburnt (#palegirlproblems) even with the massive amounts of sunscreen we put on, I wouldn't have traded it for the world. Katy is one of the people who feeds into my baseball obsession (ever since my boyfriend introduced his love to me, I can't get enough). She's always down for a road trip to a game, or a night in with sunflower seeds, diet coke, and baseball (as long as her beloved basketball team The City isn't on). 

If you have a chance, I would definitely say to go to a training game if you have the chance. Because the facilities are a lot smaller than normal stadiums, it has more of an intimate feel to it. The players seem to be more relaxed, probably because they know it's just for training, and the people seem to be incredibly supportive. While I'm sad that the Braves probably won't be with ESPN WWOS next year, I'm excited to see if they get a new team (and who it may be). 

Have you ever been to a spring training game? 
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