What Do You Mean, It's Time To Start Again?

It's been a while since I've written anything, and to be honest I really needed the break from basically everything. A lot has happened in the last almost six months, and there's a lot that's going to happen in the next six months. In the past six months I've: visited California, had my boyfriend visit me (twice), went home, stood in one wedding, attended another wedding, had my family come out to visit me in Florida, attended countless baseball games, took a trip to Atlanta, adopted two kittens (who each bring their own set of adventures), and decided I'm going to go to graduate school. 

In the next six months, I will be applying to graduate schools, taking the GRE, heading to upstate Florida for vacation with my family, possibly moving my boyfriend across country, maybe visiting California in September, and moving into a new apartment. While I can only see what I have planned, and hopefully will plan I'm so excited (and nervous) for the months ahead. 

Coming up on my blog, you'll see pictures from the past six months along with up to date posts about my life. One of the main reasons why I really wanted to start writing again was because I felt like I'm in a better place, now that I don't work for Disney (did I mention that I quit?). I've got a lot coming up on my plate, especially with the big move, and taking the GRE. While I understand it's been a while, I hope that you're up for the new journey that I'm about to embark on. I'd love it if you came along. 

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