#ReverseYourRoutine with TRESemme

I'm a member of Influenster, which is a site where you can go and review products, and they also will sometimes offer products to you to review. Recently, they sent me the TRESemme hair care products and challenged me to Reverse My Routine by using conditioner first, and shampoo afterward. I was extremely skeptical at first because I'm so used to washing my hair with shampoo and then conditioner, so I was unsure of how this would work. I have really fine and thin hair - and not a lot of it - so I have to be very careful not to weigh my hair down.

After using these products for about a week, I would say that I like them a lot. They smell really good, and I've found that they actually do help give my hair a bit of volume. I feel like they help a lot because by using the shampoo after the conditioner, it doesn't weigh your hair down as much. The only negative thing that I can come up with that I didn't like is that the conditioner bottle is a pump bottle, while the shampoo bottle is a squeeze bottle. I prefer pump bottles because then I don't have to pull them down from my shower caddy very often.

I received these products for testing purposes, but all opinions are my own. 
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