Less Mess: Under the Bed Storage

One of my biggest problem areas in my room would be my under the bed storage. I have the Brimnes Bed with the headboard in white, and while I love it the amount of storage that it has is insane. I can fit so much stuff under the bed, which is dangerous because I have a tendency to push as much as I can in there without even really looking at it. 

The storage under my bed was the last place I decided to clean because it was a lot of pants, which I hate trying on. There were some that I knew I wasn't going to use any time soon because it had been so long since I had them, and some that I wasn't going to wear because they weren't my style anymore. There were a ton of athletic shorts that I gave away, that I kept because "YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU'LL NEED A PAIR TO PAINT OR CUT THE GRASS." Neither of which I do living in an apartment in Florida. 

In all reality, I didn't actually get rid of much from my under the bed storage. I think in total I got rid of 3 cardigans, 1 sweater, 7 shirts, 9 shorts, and 7 pairs of athletic shorts. I know it seems like a decent amount to get rid of, but considering the fact that I have a ton more shorts it's not really all that much. By getting rid of everything that I did, I cleared up space in one drawer completely. 

Funny side story: when I was cleaning out my sweater drawer, Binx (my curious kitten) got a little too curious and decided to jump in. While I saw her jump in, I thought I had seen her jump out too. I filled the drawer back up with everything I wasn't going to hang/keeping and then shut the door. Turns out, she hadn't actually jumped out of the drawer, but gone behind it. A good five minutes later I hear her poor kitten cries and I opened the drawer to find my pretty kitty hidden in it still. She's okay, and with lots of cuddles and apologizing from me, she's happy now. 
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