Is Audible Worth It?

Is Audible worth it? That's a question I asked myself over and over as I struggled with subscribing to the service. You hear all these reviews of how much people love it, and then at the end of the post/video you inevitably see that it's sponsored. I'm not saying that this is a bad thing, I love that they've gotten their name out because it means the possibility of a larger selection of audiobooks to come, however in today's day and age for some bloggers/youtubers it's hard to know if they're being genuine.

So far, I have four books on AudibleThe Girl in the Spider's Web, The Cuckoo's Calling, The Casual Vacancy, and Me Before You. I've listened to two completely through: The Girl in the Spider's Web and The Cuckoo's Calling. I'm partially through Me Before You, and I haven't yet started The Casual Vacancy. Personally, I try only to listen to the audiobooks while I'm driving. I hate listening to the radio because they play the same four songs over and over and over again, and while there are tons of podcasts to listen to, sometimes they just get boring.

The first book that I listened to on it was The Girl in the Spiders Web. At first, I found it incredibly hard to listen to because I found the narrator's voice distracting. However, once I got over the fact that this book, much like the other three, is a little slower and you have to give it some time, it was fine. I liked the book, probably not as much as the original trilogy, but what can you do. 

The second book I listened to changed everything for me. I started The Cuckoo's Calling, and it became addictive listening to it. I tried to listen as much as I could during the day, while at work/driving, etc. I got through this book pretty quickly and honestly wished I would have had another book on the ready (The Silkworm, perhaps). 

I finally started Me Before You as my third book, because I really want to see the movie, but I want to finish the book before the movie comes out. I have this deal with myself, that I'll try and read as many books as I can before I see their movie version (even if it means seeing the movie later than I would really like). Y'all this book is absolutely amazing. I can kind of guess how this book is going to end though since the next book is entitled After You

Reading has always been an important part of my life and when I was younger, I would devour books a week at a time. My moms house was close enough to the library that she would let us ride our bikes there whenever we wanted (as long as there would be enough light out) to get books during the summer. Growing up, I think I spent more time in libraries or in my room reading than I did doing anything else.

As I grew older and began commuting, sometimes up to an hour each way, to work I found myself reading less and less. It's not because I enjoy it less, but because other things have gotten in the way (cough studying for the GRE cough). By listening to Audible, I've found that I am still able to 'read' books. I've decided that if I love the book enough, I'll buy it. My mom and I send books back and forth to each other. Right now, I'll have The Girl in the Spider's Web, and The Cuckoo's Calling in my basket to buy and ship to my mom. I'll probably have to get Me Before You as well because it's only been about a week, and I'm already obsessed. 

If you have the chance, I say join Audible at least for one month just to try it out because if you're anything like me, you'll become addicted really quickly. 

Ps: no I'm not sponsored by them, but if they ever wanted to it would definitely be a company I align with. 

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