Healthy Eating Can Be Easy

Since leaving Disney, I'm not as active as I once was. I left a job where I would have to walk around 10 miles a day, and started a job where I sit all day. It's been an adjustment, to say the least but I'm getting used to not being as active. 

Because I'm not as active, I'm finding it hard to not gain a ton of weight. One of the easier ways for me to stay at the same weight would be to eat healthier. I've tried to drink a ton of water, and while I do okay at that, I realize that the first thing that I need to change is my diet. 

My boyfriend got me a cookbook for Christmas (probably my favorite gift) that makes meals for two. This is perfect because usually I'm making food for a family of four or five, and who honestly wants to eat the same thing every single day. Not me. 

I've found that what works best for me is meal planning. It's not easy, but I find that I'm not as rushed and I don't eat as much junk food if I meal plan on the weekends. I'll take out my cook book and my recipes from my mom  and find what I want to cook for the week. Then I'll make a list of everything I need at the grocery store and go shopping on a Saturday. 

Sunday's I'll actually do all my meal prepping and cooking. If I bought any fruits or vegetables, I'll clean them and pack them in serving sides. If I don't do this, I find that I tend to ignore them in the fridge. I know, I'm literally the laziest. It's fine, I'm working on it. 

By doing all this, it ensures that I eat three meals a day and that they're relatively healthy. I'm getting better at planning and packing, and actually eating three meals. 

Do you have any favorite healthier recipes?  

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  1. I make a really good quinoa with feta cheese, tomatoes, and cucumbers. I mix olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder into the quinoa, then add the cheese, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Good warm or cold, and can last you throughout the week if you make enough!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

    1. That sounds so good, I'll have to try it soon!


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