Gone Girl // A Review

Gone Girl was the first book that I picked up written by Gillian Flynn and I was instantly hooked. Once I got this book, I couldn't put it down. I read it on the bus, in the break room, and whenever I had free time. Any show I was "religiously" watching on Netflix was pushed aside. Then, once I finished the book I immediately found the movie online and watched it. While I wasn't completely thrilled with the movie adaptation of the book, I was okay with it. I loved the book so much, I kind of wasn't ready for what the movie was. I would give the book a 5/5 and seriously recommend it to anyone who is looking for something thrilling. 

This novel starts out on the anniversary of Nick and Amy Dunne. Every year for their anniversary, Amy creates an almost impossible scavenger hunt for Nick. Something that he's supposed to think back on his relationship, think deeply about Amy, to figure out. This year, he's even more aloof than usual because he doesn't really care for his wife anymore.  Then, on the morning of their anniversary Amy goes missing. 

Gone Girl follows the investigation done by the police, as well as the reports that the media puts on. Much like her other novels, you see this book through two different narrators - Amy, and Nick. Throughout the course of the novel, you meet different characters who have just an interesting back story as Nick and Amy do. Nick's sister plays a very large part, as does Amy's parents. There are more twists and turns that happen in this story than I ever thought would be possible. At each turn, there are new shocking details that come up and that seem unbelievable. 

If you haven't already picked up this novel, I would say run to the nearest bookstore and pick one up. This is most definitely a psychological thriller, that is extremely well written. This was the novel that made me want to read more of Gillian Flynn's work, and I would say that if you haven't read any of her other books yet, you should pick this one up first.
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