Eleanor & Park // A Book Review

I had heard about Eleanor and Park when the book came out back in early 2012, but I hadn't actually read/seen any reviews for it. All I knew about the book going into it was that it was a young adult book that everyone was talking about. After reading the book, the only way that I can think about explaining it is that it is a modern day Romeo and Juliet. All of all, I would probably give the book a 3/5 stars. 

Since I hadn't really read any of the reviews or heard too much about it before picking up the book, I wasn't sure what to expect. I loved this book but found myself frustrated with it at times and although I understand why it ended how it ended, that doesn't meant that's how I wanted it to end. I was really hoping for a happy ending, but that's not necessarily what I got. The end leaves it open to reader interpretation, and I thought it went well. 

The book tries to talk about a lot of different situations all at once -- poverty, alcoholism, bullying, love, and abuse are all at the forefront of this novel. While I'm aware that all of this can happen at once, it felt as if they were trying to tackle a lot of issues all at once. I like that the characters both face different challenges, and how they attempt to overcome them as well. 

It's a story of young love, one that was doomed from the start. We all have those loves, or maybe it's just me. It brought me back to a love that was great, but we met at the wrong time. A few years later, it could have worked, Maybe. This story is powerful and moving, it deals with issues that were current in the '80s and that are still current today. While I amy not have been in love with it, I'll definitely read more from Rainbow Rowell. 
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