Baseball Games with Best Friends: The Joys of the MLB At Bat App

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Prior to dating my boyfriend, I didn't really know much about baseball. When I say I didn't know much, I honestly really only knew about the general things like positions, what a foul ball and a grand slam are. Growing up, we watched a lot of football but hardly any baseball. The most exposure that I had to baseball was in college. My roommate was obsessed with the Cardinals, so she watched a lot of the games and would keep me in the loop a little bit. Otherwise, I would go to the LSU baseball games, just because they were free for students to get into and why would you not go?

My first MLB game was in April of 2015 for my boyfriends birthday. It was an Angels game, but I honestly couldn't remember who they were playing. The entire time, I sat there asking him questions, he was really great about helping me learn. It was at this game that I was stunned to realize that in the seventh inning stretch, they actually sang Take Me Out to the Ball Game. 

Whenever we go to the games now, I always have to have either a beer/dip-n-dots, and nachos. Then we sit back and watch the game. I'm that person that's usually really into what's going on (unless its an incredibly slow game), not really paying attention to much else. 

One of the great ways for me to learn, was by signing up for the MLB at bat app/MLB Network. This allows me to watch baseball games with my boyfriend/friends here so that I can still keep learning, and it's a great way to spend time together. Another reason why I like the At Bat app is because you can set your home team, or multiple teams that you like watching. It's relatively easy to use, with the scores at the bottom that will bring you to each game, news that's relevant, and the current standings. 

One of the harder things that I had to get used to was being on the East Coast. Since I live in Florida, the great thing is that I can watch any game that I usually want since I'm a Padres fan. The awful thing is that the games are usually a lot later. Over a year later, I still have a ton of questions but my boyfriend and his friends are really good about answering them and taking their time. 

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