What Do You Mean "Housing Inspections"?

Disclaimer: I wrote this post an extremely long time ago, but I still think that it fits so I decided to finally pos it.

One of the things that you sign up for when you choose to do the Disney College Program, if you choose to live in Disney's Housing, is Housing Inspections. Living in Disney's housing comes with a ton of rules, some that are completely understandable, and some that aren't. See, I'm 22 years old, there are some rules that I don't think are completely necessary, but I can understand why they have them for the younger members of the program. 

Housing inspections are literally the bane of my existence. I don't think that they're completely necessary to do every three weeks, but I think at the same time they're necessary to do every now and then. You see, you can either pass the inspection or you can fail the inspection and pay whatever the ridiculous fee is that they want you to pay. 

You see, we all work crazy hours. Sometimes we have 10 hour days, or 14 hour days, or even 6 hour days. Some of us work at the ass crack of dawn, and some of us work until the ass crack of dawn, depending on our work day. We're not at home enough to keep the house perfectly clean, hell we can barely keep our schedules straight most of the time. 
Inspections require us to have everything straight - dishes, clothes, beds, trash, the lint on the blinds. Some things are a bit out there, while others are not. But the problem with our apartment? Roommates who suck. Roommates who don't clean up after themselves on a normal basis. We have a chore list, those who have done the chores last sign there name. And yet there are peoples  names missing, each and every time. And that's whats frustrating. Because if we fail inspections, everyone has to pay - not just the roommates who don't pull their weight. 

When I first got here, I didn't realize what housing inspections were - but then the first one happened. It wasn't awful, but lord only knows how we passed it. They come in and basically look around, look at your stuff and make sure that don't have anything that is 'illegal' by their standards (candles, christmas lights, decorations, you know, normal apartment things). 

Needless to say we've done our work around our apartment for this final inspection. Let's just hope all things go well.

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