Thoughts for the Upcoming Year

To say that it's been an interesting year would be saying the least. I'm attempting to get everything back together, but it's taking some time. Over the next few weeks, I'll be back to posting (with an explanation to come) on a somewhat regular schedule all about my life here and my adventures cross-country. I've got a lot going on this upcoming year and I am SO excited about everything. I've been working my butt off this past few weeks, and it's all coming together so well. 

In January, I'll be heading home to see my family for a late Christmas. February features a trip from my lovely boyfriend. March doesn't bring anything too crazy, until the end of the month with Christian's sister's baby is due. April is crazy -- standing in a wedding in the beginning of the month and then flying to California at the end of the month for my boyfriends brother to get married. May is a calm month for me, with nothing "planned." But then June bring's (in theory) my boyfriend is hopefully moving across the country. I'll fly there, and then we'll drive down. From then, we'll figure it out. Hopefully October will bring a trip to California for a early Thanksgiving, and then December will bring a trip back to Louisiana. 

So here's to a new year, with new goals.
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