The Month of December...Goodbye 2015

The month of December was both the best month of the year, and the worst month of the year. I got to go see my boyfriend, spend time with his family and my friends in California, see my friend before he left for bootcamp, and celebrate Christmas a little bit early with my boyfriend. However, at the same time, while I was in California, I got a call from my roommate (the one I adore) that our other roommate had disappeared without a trace. 

You see, she decided that she wanted to move out - without telling us, or having a conversation with us first. She decided she would wait until my roommate and I were out of town, visiting families to move out. She decided to act as a thief in the night -- which was basically what she did since she took things that didn't belong to her. She left, took her stuff, and some of ours without word. Refuses to talk to us, and refuses to pay her part of the rent or the bills she owes. 

It was hard to get everything back together, but we did it and it's so much better now. I don't know what the future year holds, but if December of 2015 proves anything to me, it proves just how resilient I can be. I'm so excited for the future and the plans, but right now I'm just living in the moment. 
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