Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Last Olympian, A Review

This post is a little bittersweet because it's a review on the last book of the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series - The Last Olympian. This book had to be my favorite book of the series. It was so well written and tied together the series so well. I don't think that I can rave about these books enough. The fifth book ties in length with the first book, which seems fitting that the first and last books are the longest. While the books started out to seem all fun and games, they definitely don't end that way. This book begins (and ends) with death. This is the darkest book of the series, and I would suggest a parent reading this book before a young child. It's not completely awful, but it is quite sad. 

This time when we meet Percy, he's struggling internally with wether or not to go on vacation with Rachel Dare's family or not. It's quite a different opening from what we've seen before, but nonetheless it is still filled with monsters and bad situations. While he is struggling, he is told that it is time to enact a plan that was (we assume) crafted during the time when the last book left off and this book picked up. Percy is almost 16 at this point, and struggling with the prophecy that has been told to him. He and Beckendorf (another camper) decide to go and blow up the ship that Kronos is on to try and buy some time/kill a few monsters before the war breaks out. This happens, and tragedy follows. 

When Percy returns back to camp, he and Nico then go on an adventure that is supposed to help Percy to fight Kronos. An adventure ensues, and at the end of it Percy makes a life or death decision that he almost doesn't live through. There is a lot of action from the beginning of the book to the end of the book. Once again, new minor and major gods are introduced and each plays a part in the impending battle. Then the battle begins -- you'll have to read the book to find out the rest. 

This book was very good. It keeps you on your feet, and keeps you guessing about what is going to happen next. The only complaint that I have about it is that sometimes when the battle starts, it doesn't really start. It very much starts and stops at different points - which is explained why but it also just feels very choppy. Now, given that I still give the book a 5/5 starts because it was written so well and the character development through the end was very good. Although there was a lot of loss and a lot of death throughout this book, I would still say that it was a very, very good book.
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