When Life Takes the Reigns

Sometimes, breakfast looks like the first picture and then life takes the reigns and dinner looks like the last picture. Some days I work six hours, some I work fourteen. It just depends on if I pick up another shift or if I feel like getting out at my normal time. If the park is busy and we're slammed, I'm extending/extended. Sometimes I forget to eat, and sometimes I forget to cook. And let's be honest here, sometimes I'm just too lazy or tired to cook after a long day at work. That's not a bad thing, necessarily. 

I love working for the company that I work for. I love the people I work with, they make my days even brighter than anyone else. I love challenging myself to be a better worker, and sometimes it means you have your days where cooking just isn't happening. I like to call the second picture above my 'adult lunchable.' Because it's the same thing I would eat when I was younger and my mom didn't have time to cook or didn't feel like it, which happened rarely (and was a treat!). Sometimes people get caught up in only posting the beautiful pictures of their food on social media, but sometimes I like to keep it real. 

Tomorrow (as I'm writing this, not actually when it's posted), I've got a 14-hour shift, and I can't sleep. The perfect combination if you ask me. The last time that I worked that much in one day, I woke up the next morning with the flu and my roommate was basically scared for my life. I woke up crying and couldn't move, and she was staring at me as if I was dead. So here's to eating better, and not always eating adult lunchables. I've got my two meals prepared (lunch and dinner) and already in my lunchbox. I'm already planning on eating a big breakfast, and I'm taking Advil and emergen-c when I wake up. It's going to be a good day, and I'm taking the reigns back.

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